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 Reader's Digest - Large Print Edition
Reader's Digest - Large Print Edition

Reader's Digest - Large Print Edition is published in large type for an easy-to-read experience with the same content as the primary format of the magazine. Experience untold comfort and ease reading the same uplifting articles, medical updates, humor and features from the regular Reader's Digest, only in easy-to-read large print. With the Large Print edition of Reader's Digest you get extra large type print, bigger photos and illustrations and a monthly large print crossword puzzle, printed on special non-glare paper for more reading comfort.

Reader's Digest is America's Most Popular magazine, with over 50 million readers. You'll stay on top of current events; gain new perspectives on politicians, entertainers, writers, and artists; find inspiration from extraordinary human-interest stories; learn the latest health news to keep your family safe; and embrace the humor of day-to-day life. Each issue contains all of your favorite sections: Life in these United States, Drama in Real Life, Laugther: the Best Medicine and much more. Each issue is packed with easy-to-read articles that help everyone lead better and more healthy lives. The richness and diversity of the Reader's Digest Magazine is one of America's last great values.

Reader's Digest is committed to informing, entertaining and inspiring people of all ages and cultures. It is the pulse of American thought, igniting a dialogue and an exchange of current ideas, issues, stories, humor and humanity. Every issue has something in it for everyone -- a wealth of useful advice including ways to cope with stress, the latest medical discoveries, and how to manage your time and investments. In large easy-to-read print.

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