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Carson MagniLook

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Carson MagniLook
Featuring a 2x Lens with 5X Bi-focal Spot Lens
Model Number: LK-10
From: Carson Optical

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - April 28, 2009

The Carson MagniLook is a nifty little magnifier that has a built-in, adjustable neck cord that gives you the option of wearing it around your neck like a pendent. Or you can slip it into its handy protective pouch and stow it in your pocket or purse. Both the protective pouch, and the neck cord, are included with the MagniLook magnifier. The MagniLook features a 2X acrylic lens with a 5X bi-focal spot lens inserted into the 2X lens. Both lenses offer crystal clear viewing, and I found the neck cord to be very comfortable to wear and the magnifier is so light weight that you will not even notice that you are wearing it. The cord itself is black, and the 2X magnifier measures about 2 inches in diameter. The magnifier is surrounded by a black frame, and it has a grey top piece that adds a decorative flare and also acts as a hand hold for the magnifier so that you don't have to touch the lens when using the magnifier.

I found the Carson MagniLook to be a very practical magnifier. Wearing it around my neck, I was unable to misplace it and I really found it useful for reading product labels when shopping or when reading a menu. It is an unintrusive magnifier that women can readily wear as a piece of everyday jewelry. As well, most men will find that the cord is long enough to wear the MagniLook around their neck and still be able to slip the magnifier into their shirt pocket if they don't want it to appear as if they are wearing a necklace. It can also be worn inside your shirt if you don't want it noticed, yet still be ready at hand if you need to use it.

The Carson MagniLook is an ideal visual aid and a practicable 2X magnifier for use by not only those with low vision, but also anyone who might need a little extra magnification to read small print, for examining antiques, coins, or stamps, or to use during craft and hobby activities. It also has the added benefit of 'hanging around' so that it always close at hand and it is very hard to lose when you are wearing it around your neck!

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