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Carson MagniMight

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Carson MagniMight

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Carson MagniMight
A 5X LED Lighted Magnifier
Model Number: LM-07
From: Carson Optical

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - January 26, 2009

The Carson MagniMight is a 5X power, handheld magnifier with a built-in LED light. The clear, acrylic lense is approximately 2 inches in diameter and is unusually powerful for a hand-held magnifier in that it magnifiers 5X, rather than the normal 2X found in most handheld magnifiers. In additional, this exceptional magnifier also features a built-in LED light that comes on at the push of a button. To keep the light on, you need to continue to press the button down. I found that it takes very little force to depress the button, and holding it down for long periods is nearly effortless. To turn off the light, simply release the button located on the handle of the magnifier. The light is battery powered, and the batteries are included with the magnifier.

The Carson MagniMight is a very stylish magnifier. The material holding the lens in place is silver, and the handle has a black insert running its length that gives it an art deco feel. In addition, this magnifier ships in a plain white box which makes it ideal for gift giving as the box is easily wrapped.

There are several features associated with the Carson MagniMight that make it an exceptional magnifier; not the least of which is its high magnification power, and its built-in light. In addition, this magnifier is very lightweight and easy to handle, and it is very attractive. Not only will this magnifier prove a boon to those with low vision, anyone who needs to read the small print in contracts and the like, as well as to hobbyist needing a hand-held magnifier with a little extra magnification power.

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