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Carson MagniMirror
A Reusable, Stick-On 2x Power Magnifier
Model Number: MM-13
From: Carson Optical

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - January 26, 2009

Can I just say, off the bat, that I just love the Carson MagniMirror! The MagniMirror is a 2X magnifier that sticks to any mirror by means of a suction cup, turning any mirror into a magnified one! This is one of those products that I never knew just how much I needed it until I tried it out. For those of us with low vision, this is a must-have product! Not only will it help you with fixing your face and hair, but also with everyday tasks such as brushing your teeth, and hunting for those horrid dark hairs that seem to pop up out of nowhere as we gals get older. You gentleman out there will also find the MagniMirror is ideal for shaving and other up-close-and-personal tasks! In addition, those of you that are fully sighted are also sure to find this the perfect gadget for putting on your make-up, putting in your contacts, and more.

The Carson MagniMirror features a 5-inch in diameter, rimless, 2X acrylic lense. The suction-cup easily attaches to any mirror, and I did not notice it leaving behind any residue or marks when I removed it. It also seems to stick very securely to a variety of mirrored surfaces. In addition, the magnifier attaches to the suction cup by means of a little bump-out, that allows you to easily remove the magnifier so that you can use it as a regular, hand-held magnifier.

I also discovered a neat little trick. I already have a small, table top, 2X magnified stand mirror. By attaching the Carson MagniMirror to my 2X magnified stand mirror, I get double the magnification - something that I can really use! Best of all, the suction cup is easily removed, allowing me to move the magnifier when I want to clean the mirror or use it on a different mirror. As well, it allows other members of my family to quickly move it out of the way if they don't want to use it.

The Carson MagniMirror is a great, dual use product that is a must-have for anyone with low vision or who needs a little extra magnification when using a mirror. It is also perfect for those with low vision, hobbyist, and crafters looking for a practical, large diameter, hand-held magnifier.

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