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Off the Mangrove Coast
By Louis L'Amour

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Off the Mangrove Coast

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Off the Mangrove Coast
By Louis L'Amour
Random House Large Print, (2000)
ISBN: 0-375-43062-8
Genre: Adventure Stories

Reviewed by Herbert White - August 28, 2002

Writers are always admonished to write about what they know. This was an edict that Louis L'Amour took to heart - and why shouldn't he? He led such an energetic diverse life that he was a walking treasure trove of true life adventure stories. Not just a prolific writer, L'Amour was also a professional boxer (winning 51 out of 59 professional bouts!), he was a sailor, worked in a circus, he wandered around the Pacific and South Asia, and he was in Paris during World War II. In short, he seemed to have an uncanny knack for being the in 'wrong' place at the right time, plus an unerring knack for stumbling upon those things that most of us sit-at-home adventurers fantasize about.

In Off the Mangrove Coast you will find nine outstanding adventure stories - many of which may be more autobiographical than most people realize. These nine stories represent an eclectic mix of some of L'Amour's best short works. Stories included run the gamut from a story about a private eye to several stories in which boxing, or a boxer, takes center stage. If you're a fan of Indiana Jone's styled adventure movies, you'll notice that you've probably already seen several of these stories translated on the silver screen. One recent story translated onto the screen was L'Amour's story, The Diamond of Jeru, which is set in Borneo. Filmed in 2001, the movie version of this story starred Billy Zane, Keith Caradine and Paris Jefferson. The screenplay was written by Beau L'Amour, L'Amour's son.

The nine stories contained in this collection are: If you've never read any of L'Amour's short stories, this collection will give you a solid introduction to the breadth of subjects that L'Amour covers, as well as to his immense writing skills. These are great stories of high adventure that will mesmerize young adventurers who will one day go forth to have adventures of there own, as well as those adventurers who now restrict their travels to the armchair variety!

This is the second of four volumes of short stories by Louis L'Amour. The fourth book in this series has yet to be published, but the other two volumes are, Beyond the Great Snow Mountains and May There Be a Road.

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