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The Right Thing to Say
By Judith Martin
Read by Barbara Pinolini

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Miss Manners' Basic Training: The Right Thing to Say
By Judith Martin, Read by Barbara Pinolini
National Library Service, RC 46964
Potomac Talking Book Services, (1999)
This audio book contains 1, 4 track cassette.
Genre: Reference - Etiquette

Reviewed by Angela Evans - April 5, 2001

Ever put your foot in your mouth? Well Miss Manners' can show you how to remove your foot, with grace. She also offers advice on how you can insure that you never allow such an unsightly thing to happen again. The Right Thing to Say is part of Miss Manners' Basic Training series. In this volume, she explains how to mind your manners when speaking.

This book follows a question and answer format. In answer to various questions, Miss Manners' explains how to respond to thoughtless questions and remarks. She also explains how you should take care to mind your tongue by giving example of situations in which an individual failed to 'remain silent' and the troubles which arose as a result. She also offers suggestions about what is the correct thing to say in certain situations. Her examples cover a variety of topics including divorce, unwed parenthood, deaths, dealing with coworkers, girlfriends and boyfriends, and even Little League games. In addition, she explores the modern problem of saying too much, and being too honest, when speaking to others.

I found this book to be very funny and very sad. The funny parts came from imagining the situations in which the people found themselves, which generated the questions raised. It was also very sad because it is a shame that so many people never learned 'how to mind their manners'. However, even if you know how to mind your manners, a refresher course is always useful. I'd highly recommend Miss Manners' books as the modern equivalent of the old-fashioned etiquette books that where once so indispensable for anyone who wanted to enter proper society.

The reader of this book is Barbara Pinolini. She has a pleasant voice that was well suited to the topic of the book.

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Editors note: To the best of my knowledge, this audio book is not available commercially. It was recorded especially for the Library of Congress' National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS). To borrow this tape you need to be a qualified user of the NLS. You can find more information about the NLS via there website at:

Also, this book was never issued in large print, however, the standard print version of Miss Manners' Basic Training: The Right Thing to Say is still available. You can purchase a new copy from

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