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Mending Your Heart in a Broken World
Finding Comfort in the Scriptures
By Patsy Clairmont

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Mending Your Heart in a Broken World

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Mending Your Heart in a Broken World
Large Print Edition
By Patsy Clairmont
Warner Books - Large Print, (2001)
ISBN: 0-446-53001-8
Genre: Inspirational - Christian

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Reviewed by Angela Evans - September 10, 2001

Patsy Clairmont is a glorious inspirational, evangelistic speaker, and the force of her speaking voice comes through wonderfully in her new book Mending Your Heart in a Broken World: Finding Comfort in the Scriptures. This book offers guidance on how to find comfort in the Scriptures. For this purpose, she uses the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah as a guide post, which is quoted extensively throughout this book. This book also serves a study guide to the Book of Nehemiah, the text of which is included in this book for easy review.

The main point of this book is to show how, by making use of the scriptures, you can learn how to repair your world when it seems that it has fallen apart. Patsy uses her own life to illustrate how to put this skill into practical use. Patsy herself suffered from depression that developed into agoraphobia, which prevented her from leaving her own home. By studying the scriptures, and by accepting God's love, she recovered. From this humble beginning she went on to become an outspoken speaker, who clearly and vibrantly shares her knowledge of the scriptures and her love of Jesus.

In Mending Your Heart, Patsy walks you through the Book of Nehemiah and shows you how you can emulate Nehemiah in order to 'fix' your own world. Each chapter of this book begins with an assigned section of Nehemiah that you need to read first, before beginning to read the chapter. Patsy then offers the reader of glimpses of her own life, which leads into a short discourse into a relevant biblical topic. She then goes on to interpret the assigned reading from Nehemiah and shows how it teaches you how to overcome the obstacles or challenges alluded to in the anecdotes about Patsy's own life.

Each chapter ends with a short prayer, followed by a section called "Heart Menders." In these short sections Patsy's ask you a series of self-study questions that help you understand if you are making full use of the tools that she has just explained to you. Plus, she asks questions that will make you look into your own soul in order to better understand why you make the choice that you do. These questions will also help you to identify when Satan is setting stumbling blocks before you. Many chapters also include, at their end, another short section entitled "Next." The "Next" sections offer you challenges that will help you grow in your faith and use this faith to battle your personal demons.

No matter what problems you face, you will find this book to be extremely uplifting. It will provide you with the support and strength you need to overcome these problems - simply by energizing you with the Spirit of God. She also offers you practical, worldly, advice that will give you the tools to mature as a person, and in your faith. Patsy talks directly to you. She treats you like her friend. A friend that freely offers you her support and who freely shares her wisdom. She will laugh with you, and when necessary, she is enough of a friend to criticize you when you deserve it. But she never does so without offering you suggestions on how to make yourself better. This book is a must for all Christian. As Pasty clearly exemplifies the main lesson of this text, "I pray that you know and are comforted by this wellspring of truth: Jesus loves you." (Pg. 172.)

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