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Men's Private Parts
A Pocket Reference to Prostate, Urologic and Sexual Health
By James H. Gilbaugh Jr.

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Men's Private Parts

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Men's Private Parts: A Pocket Reference to Prostate, Urologic, and Sexual Health
By James H. Gilbaugh Jr., M.D.
A Fireside Book, (2002)
ISBN: 0-7432-1344-0 (Standard Print)
Genre: Health

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - June 12, 2002

Men seldom talk or think about their health - in large part because they figure that if they ignore it, nothing will go wrong. And, by extension, they won't have to go the doctor. Unfortunately, this head in the sand approach to health care can often do more harm than good. This is because by the time many men go to see a doctor, they are quite ill, and something that may have been easily taken care of if caught earlier on may now require extensive treatment. This doesn't need to be the case.

If every man out there read, Men's Private Parts: A Pocket Reference to Prostate, Urologic and Sexual Health by Dr. James H. Gilbaugh Jr., they would be less timid about going to the doctor in the first place. Secondly, armed with the knowledge provided in this brief book, you will have a better understanding of why it is vital that you get a regular check up. You will also be more knowledgeable about what is going on with your own body. This knowledge will help you understand when something is not working right. And thirdly, this book will help you be a better patient, a patient who takes an active and influential role in his own care.

This book is written as a reference guide, providing brief, but succinct, overviews of the various parts of a man's anatomy. Along the way it points out what can go wrong with each part, how such ailments are diagnosed and treated, and steps you can take to protect your own health. Also included are answers to a range of sexual questions ranging from 'size' to 'duration'. In addition, the text is enhanced by the inclusion of illustrations and diagrams that help to further explain the information provided in the text.

Topics covered in this book include, ejaculation, condoms, vasectomy, the penis, the testicles, impotence, the prostate gland, prostate surgery, sexually transmitted diseases, and the bladder. Gilbaugh also includes various quizzes and questionnaires for you to take, such as the 'Erectile Quotient Quiz' that will help you judge if you are at risk for impotence. Adding to the fun is a section on sex hints. The book concludes with a glossary of terms used in the book.

Gilbaugh's style of writing is easy going, and the text is arranged in bite-sized chunks that are perfect for bathroom reading - for those that don't have the time to read elsewhere. And, although written for men, about men, this is a book that should also be read by every woman who wants to know how the other side 'works'.

P.S. My favorite Q & A in this book can be found on page 4: "Problem 15: As I get older, my penis gets smaller. Answer: Untrue. As you get older, your stomach gets fatter, so proportionately your penis looks smaller... ;)

Unfortunately, at this time, this book is only available in standard print.

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