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Carson MiniBrite

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Carson MiniBrite

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Carson MiniBrite
3x Power LED Lighted Magnifier with Retractable Protective Sleeve
Model Number: PO-25
From: Carson Optical

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - December 2, 2008

The Carson MiniBrite is a compact, hand held, lighted magnifier. It is perfect for use by both visually impaired and fully sighted individuals looking for a small, lighted magnifier. Featuring a 3x power, acrylic lens that measures approximately 3.5mm x 4mm, the Carson MiniBrite is perfect for a range of uses, from reading fine print and picking out splinters to reading food labels and craft activities.

A practical feature of this magnifier is its protective, retractable sleeve, which slides up, totally encasing, and protecting the magnifier, when not in use. To 'open' the magnifier, you simply slide the sleeve down, over the handle. When you 'open' the sleeve, you not only expose the magnifier, but also automatically turn on the built in LED light. Conversely, when you 'close' the sleeve, the light is automatically turned off. The light runs on 3-AAA batteries, which are not included with the magnifier. If you don't want to use the light, all you have to do, is nothing. Just don't install the batteries and you will have a very serviceable, unlighted magnifier. However, I highly recommend this feature. The bulb for the light is relatively tiny, yet it produces an astonishing amount of light, making reading with the magnifier much easier. I also found it extremely useful for finding the keyhole in my door at night!

The Carson MiniBrite has a non-slip grip, is small enough to easily slip into a shirt pocket, purse, or school bag, and the movable lens covering sleeve will help ensure that your magnifier will remain scratch free for years. The entire casing, in fact, seems very solid, and looks and feels to me as if is likely to survive common accidents such as being knocked off a table or if you happen to walk on it (as is likely to happen as you are looking for it after knocking it off the table - at least if you are like me ;-)

It is the light, however, that elevates this magnifier out of the realm of simple, compact magnifiers and turns it into a really practical, must-have item, no matter what your visual needs. It is perfect for the glove compartment - especially if you are likely to need to consult a map at night. It is also perfect for looking for small items lost on the floor or table, inspecting or cleaning tiny electronic gadgets, looking up numbers in the telephone book, reading the newspaper, or a thousand other uses. I really cannot think of anything bad to say about this product other than that it should come in packs of two or three, because you'll want to seed them around your home and car so that you'll be sure to always have one on hand!

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