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A Mist of Prophecies
By Steven Saylor

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A Mist of Prophecies

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A Mist of Prophecies
A Novel of Ancient Rome
By Steven Saylor
Wheeler Publishing - Large Print Edition (2006)
ISBN: 1-59722-253-4
Genre: Historic Mystery

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - August 9, 2006

A Mist of Prophecies is yet another wonderful addition to Steven Saylor's series of mysteries set in Ancient Rome that features the astute reasoning skills of Gordianus the Finder. This thrilling installment in Saylor's Gordianus series finds the prophesier, Cassandra, bereft of memory. Not one to let a mystery be, Gordianus sets out to discover how Cassandra lost her memory - and why. As he investigates this intriguing case he finds himself drawn into an arcane world where power and conspiracies rule. A world in which a woman with the gift of prophecy can be either a curse or a blessing - for the possessor and for those for whom she uses her powers.

This powerful story is set in the Rome beset by civil war. The year is 48 B.C.E. and the Roman empire is being torn apart by both political and social turmoil. Cassandra, whom some believe is insane, regularly held court at the forum, sharing her visions and her delusions with any who would listen. Despite dying early on in the story, she remains a key figure throughout as Gordianus tries to discover her true identity, the identity of her murderer, and why she had to die. Gordianus determination to get to the truth of the matter only grows stronger when seven prominent women, including the wives of Caesar, Pompey, and Marc Anthony show up for Cassandra's funeral. For a lowly seeress, Cassandra drew a remarkably high powered audience at her funeral, and it soon occurs to Gordianus that one of these women is sure to be the killer...

Rich in deductive and historical detail, this book will delight both fans of historical novels as well as traditional mystery fans. While the historical setting adds flavor and depth to the story, it is the mystery surrounding Cassandra that takes center stage. This is a wonderful addition to Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series, and while it is part of a larger series, it can also be read as a stand-alone book.

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