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Wishes for One More Day
Written by Melanie Joy Pastor
Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford

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Wishes for One More Day

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Wishes for One More Day
Written by Melanie Joy Pastor
Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford
Flashlight Press, 2006
ISBN: 0-972-92257-1
Genre: Children's Picture Story Books

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - November 13, 2006

Dealing with death is never easy, no matter what your age. However it can be traumatic for young children, especially when the death is unexpected. In Wishes for One More Day, Melanie Joy Pastor tackles this difficult subject in an innovative and uplifting manner. Written for younger children, ages 5-9, this book follows Anna and Joey as they learn that their grandfather 'Poppy' has passed away unexpectedly. Wishing that they could have had just one more day together, the two create a book of wishes about what they would have liked to do with Poppy, if they had but one more day together.

This heartwarming story is paired with sensitive and engaging illustrations by Jacqui Grantford. Combined, this picture story book is reassuring method of introducing the subject of death to younger children. For those already touched by such a tragedy, it offers children with an empowering method of dealing with their loss.

While the subject matter of Wishes for One More Day is somewhat somber, the story itself is anything but grim. Pastor has crafted an uplifting and empowering story that will resonate with both children and adults. The story also touches lightly upon some Jewish memorial practices, such as sitting Shiva and the lighting of a memorial (Yahrzeit) candle. Other traditions, such as the covering of mirrors, is shown within the story's illustrations.

Please note: Although not marketed as a large print book, Wishes for One More Day, is printed in a clear, dark, and approximately 18-point font, making it fall well within the parameters of a large print book. Not only does this large font size make it easier for new readers to enjoy the book, it will also prove a boon to anyone needing, or desirous, of large print material to read aloud to little ones who cannot yet read on their own.

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