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Moongobble and Me: The Evil Elves
By Bruce Coville
Read by Ryan Sparkes and the Full Cast Family

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The Evil Elves

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The Evil Elves
A Moongobble and Me Story (Book 3)
By Bruce Coville
Read by Ryan Sparkes and the Full Cast Family
Full Cast Audio, (2005)
An Unabridged Audio Recording on 1 CDs.
ISBN: 1-933322-32-2
Genre: Children's Fiction - Fantasy

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - July 18, 2005

Edward is your typical little boy, except that he has a friend who is in the process of becoming a full fledged magician, and he doesn't think there is anything odd in carrying on a conversation with a talking toad, or playing with a four-foot long dragon. Throughout the Moongobble and Me series, Edward has been helping his friend Moongobble gain admittance to the Society of Magicians. To date they have completed two mighty tasks. They have the Golden Acorns of Alcoona and a bottle of Werewolf tears. Now, there is only one task left for Moongobble to complete before being admitted to the hallowed hauls of the Society. All he has to do is recover an enchanted stone called the Queen's Belly Button.

On the surface this is not much of a task. Simply go into the quaint village, pick it up, and bring it home. The only problem is, that quaint village just happens to be full of elves that have been turned evil by the stone. Worse, anyone coming into contact with the stone also runs the chance of being turned evil. If Moongobble and Edward fail in thier task, there is every possibility that the evil infecting the villiage will spread and who knows what will happen then...

It will take all of Moongobble and Edward's skill and daring, and the help of their friends to recover the dangerous stone. However, if anyone is up to this mighty task, it is this valiant group of heros who count among their numbers Urk the talking toad, Fireball, Edward's sort-of-a-pet dragon, and the Rusty Knight.

Performed by a full cast of energetic and talented actors, this delightful foray into fantasy will enthrall readers, and listeners of all ages. Coville wrote this series specifically for younger readers, and they'll find nothing scary or distasteful within the pages of these books, just good old fashioned wholesome adventure stories set in a mythical world where all things are possible and where our esteemed hero Edward, with the help of his friends, always triumphs.

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