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Most Wanted
By Joan Reeves

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Most Wanted

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Most Wanted
By Joan Reeves
Linford Romance Library: Large Print (2008)
ISBN: 978-1-84782-487-5
Genre: Romance

Reviewed by Angela Evans - April 6, 2009

Detective Bruce Benton has an embarrassing problem. One day when he was waiting on his partner, he just happened to notice an odd looking, gun totting woman, in a nearby shop. Like any conscientious cop, he went to check out the situation. In short order, he found himself in handcuffs! It doesn't take much imagination to picture the ribbing he is destined to take from the 'guys' especially after everyone learns that he was arrested by non other than Sergeant Andrea 'Andie' Luft, a feisty blond with a mean roundhouse kick.

Andie, who had been within seconds of arresting Lombardo, an elusive thief who had a habit of stealing designer wedding dressing, is a bit put out by Benton. His entry into the shop was just the distraction that Lombardo needed to get away. Although one man got away from her, she is determined that at least Benton won't!

Most Wanted is an energetic, spirited, and wonderfully tender romance set in San Antonio, Texas. This novel was written by Joan Reeves, a prolific romance writers whose works include Summer's Fortune, Still The One, and Love Will Find a Way, which is currently available in large print. In this novel, she has created a strong lead character in the form of Andie Luft and the relationship that develops between Andie and Bruce is not without its problems, which makes their relationship not only realistic, but the problems that arise add a little extra spice to the story.

I found Most Wanted to be a fun book to read. It is perfect for reading in a tub full of bubbles - if you can ever find the time. If you can't, you'll also find it to be a great book to read while you are waiting for your kids to finish up whatever they are doing at the moment. Most Wanted is escapism at its best. From the very first line you are drawn into the story, and you will find yourself drawn out of your everyday life as you shadow Andie as she discovers the love of her life!

For old and new fans of Joan Reeves, you'll be happy to learn that at least six of her books are scheduled to be released in large print! I highly recommend Most Wanted to not only Reeves' fans, but to all lovers of tender romances.

About the Author

Joan Reeves is published in book-length fiction, in print periodicals, and all over the web under her own name, various pseudonyms, and as a ghost writer. Joan's website and her blog are filled with articles for readers and writers.

On a personal note, Joan is blessed with a husband who thinks she hung the moon, four children who think they are adults, and a ghost dog - all the ingredients for a life warmed by laughter and filled with love.

Most Wanted can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of Linford Romance Library.

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