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The Society
By Michael Palmer

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The Society
By Michael Palmer
Charnwood Large Print Edition: 2006
ISBN: 1-84617-467-8
Genre: Medical Thriller

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - June 7, 2007

The Society is another outstanding medical thriller from the pen of Michael Palmer! In this novel, a serial killer is on the loose and his targets are all managed-care executives working for managed health care (HMO) companies. The police soon zero in on a prime suspect - Dr. Will Grant. A member of the Hippocrates Society, Grant is a surgeon who is actively trying to stop the for-profit companies from controlling the country's medical system and making life-and-death medical decisions based on financial grounds rather than on what is best for the patient.

Things go from bad to worse for Grant, when he is drugged and collapses at work. In short order he is sacked, and labeled as a drug user. His medical career in ruins, and still a suspected serial killer, Grant has only one option left open to him. He must find the killer in order to clear his name, and he has to do it before he becomes the killers next victim! Aiding him in his quest is the lovely rookie Detective Patty Moriarity, who is working on her first case. Moriarity quickly comes to realize that Grant is innocent and their initial adversarial relationship quickly moves on to a more romantic one. The only clues that they have are the cryptic notes that the killer leaves behind at each of his murders, but can they decipher these murderous calling cards in time? Although Moriarity is sure of Grant's innocence, it is another thing to prove it. Especially after she is shot and taken off the case.

Like most of Palmer's other novels, The Society is set in Boston and is filled with detailed medical descriptions. It is also an action-packed story that will have you staying up well into the night to finish the book. The ending is suspenseful, and you'll wonder at times how, and if, Grant and Moriarity will survive their joint and separate ordeals, and if they will get to the real truth behind the murders.

The Society is a must read for all of Palmer's fans, and it will delight anyone with a yen for some fast-paced action, realistic situations, and who enjoy a suspenseful and thought-provoking read about the pitfalls of managed health care, and being suspected of being a serial killer!

The Society can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of Charnwood Large Print.

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