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Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies
By Rosalind Kalb, Nancy Holland, & Barbara Giesser

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Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies

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Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies
By Rosalind Kalb, Nancy Holland, & Barbara Giesser
Foreword by David L. Lander
Thorndike Press Large Print Edition, (2007)
ISBN 10: 0-7862-9676-3
ISBN 13: 978-0-7862-9676-7
Genre: Health, Self-Help

Reviewed by Angela Evans - August 9, 2007

Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies is a comprehensive introductory guide to all aspects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The book is written by a neurologist, a nurse, and a psychologist who have all spent years working with patients with MS. Throughout the pages of this book they not only explain the medical aspects of the illness and how MS is diagnosed, but they also illustrate how you can take control of your MS, rather than having your MS take control of you!

Throughout Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies the authors have included a plethora of resources that you can go to for more information about MS and issues related to the illness, from books you can read to help deal with your MS as it progresses to internet and organizational resources, such as the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, the Multiple Sclerosis Association of American, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, where you can go to for not only information, but for support as well.

This large print edition of Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies is printed in an oversized format. The book measures approximately 8" X 11" X 1". The book is large, but surprising light weight for its size. In the margins of the book you'll find symbols alerting you to items that you should take care to remember, when you should call a professional, tips, and special warnings especially in regard to medications. The book is also filled with handy check lists, tips for both patients and care givers, advice on how to talk to your doctor, and, most important, advice on how to stay healthy and to live your life as fully and productively as possible.

In short, this is an informative book that serves as an excellent introduction to all aspects of the condition, from explaining what the disease is and how it affects your body to dealing with lifestyle issues and working with your doctors. Individuals who have been dealing with this disease for a while will most likely find most of the information in this book old news. However, those just beginning to deal with the disease will find that Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies offers clear and straightforward guidance, and provides a solid foundation of accurate information from which they continue to build upon their knowledge of MS.

Remember, if you, or a family member, has just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) it is imperative that you learn as much as you can about the condition, available treatment, and the long term prognosis. MS is not a death sentence, or end of life as you now know it - people with MS have children, careers, hobbies, friends, - the whole shebang. By learning more about MS and what to expect, the better prepared you will be to manage the emotional and physical aspects of the disease. As well, not only will this knowledge help you to take an active role in your own health care, but it will also help to relieve some of the worry and uncertainty that comes hand-in-hand with any potentially life changing medical condition. To begin your quest for knowledge about MS, check out Multiple Sclerosis for Dummies by Rosalind Kalb, Nancy Holland, & Barbara Giesser!

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