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Murder in Space
By Sydney J. Bounds

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Murder in Space

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Murder in Space
By Sydney J. Bounds
Linford Mystery Library (2007)
Large Print Edition
ISBN: 978-1-84617-910-5
Genre: Mystery - Science Fiction/Espionage

Reviewed by Herbert White - October 15, 2007

Murder in Space is the ultimate locked-room mystery, with a twist. Wing-Commander Peter Bourne is a British astronaut who has survived two assassination attempts. Sent on a secret mission, Bourne is sent, alone, into space. When his capsule returns to earth, Bourne is dead, shot though the neck. Bourne was alone when he was killed, thousands of miles away from the nearest human - so who killed him, and why? Simon Brand is the man charged with getting to the bottom of this bizarre murder mystery, and he will have his hands full getting to the truth - especially as the bodies begin to pile up!

Written by Sydney J. Bounds, this classic mystery was first published in 1962. Too long out of print, it has at last been resurrected as part of the Linford Mystery Library - a series that consists of short mysteries in large print.

This mystery has a little bit of everything, from science fiction to espionage elements. It also has its share of beautiful women, chase scenes, and of course, death and mayhem. Murder in Space is a short, but exciting read that will keep you glued to the book from start to finish. Best of all, in this story, Bounds has crafted a baffling mystery, full of red herrings and misdirection that will have you guessing until the very end about just who killed Wing-Commander Bourne, and how, and if his death is connected with the British space program and the secret mission that he had been sent out into space on. Murder in Space is a great all-around read that will please mystery fans of every ilk.

Murder in Space can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of the Linford Mystery Library.

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