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Milwaukee: An International Dining Wonderland

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Milwaukee: An International Dining Wonderland
By Rochelle Caviness - December 12, 2002

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has had a strong German influence from its very inception. So it is not surprising that Milwaukee boasts of several fine German restaurants, such as Mader's German Restaurant. However, Germany is not the only country represented in Milwaukee's dining scene. Here you can choose from a wide variety of cuisines ranging from traditional French cooking to gourmet Native American dishes.

This gastronomical wonderland also offers the diners a choice between Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, African, Greek, and yes, even American cuisine, to name just a few of the many dining options. No matter what your taste, mood, or budget, you are sure to find someplace that meets your requirements. Be forewarned, odds are you'll find several restaurants that will meet your needs - however the hard part will be choosing which ones to visit!

Dining is more than just the taste of the food. It is the atmosphere in which it is served, the sounds, and most importantly the smell and texture of the food. This is true for all people, but especially for those who are visually impaired and may not be able to fully appreciate an artistically arranged platter or to see the interweaving of colors in a particular dish.

During a recent visit to Milwaukee, I had the chance to sample the cuisines at a number of excellent restaurants. The next time you visit Milwaukee, you may want to try to fit a few of these into your itinerary. Just take into consideration this caveat, the list of restaurants to follow represents merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the Milwaukee has to offer, so be adventurous and have fun exploring the international repertoire Milwaukee's chefs! Please note, all the addresses provided below are in Milwaukee.

As you can see from this short list, Milwaukee has a restaurant for every pallette, so Bon Appetit!

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