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My Weigh Phoenix Talking Scale

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My Weigh Phoenix Talking Bathroom Scale
Precision Weighing Scale
From My Weigh

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

How much do you weigh? It is a question that most people answer incorrectly, even when they know the correct answer! Let's face it. Most people want to know how much they weigh. They just don't want to share that information with anyone else. A person's true weight is often as closely guarded a secret as their real age!

Individuals who are visually impaired are just as likely as anyone else, to want to know how much they weigh. But what are you to do if you can't read the numbers on the scale. It's unlikely that you'd want to invite someone to read the scale for you. After all, that's classified information! So what are you to do? The answer is simple, get a talking scale that can read the number aloud for you.

One such scale is the Phoenix Talking Scale from My Weigh. This is a traditional bathroom scale with an electronic readout, with the added ability to read your weight out loud. Not only is this feature ideal for anyone with a visual impairment, but it should also prove helpful for those trying to weigh themselves in a steamy bathroom or who don't yet have their contact lenses in, or any other cause that may make it impractical or difficult to read the scale's display. For those times when someone might be "listening" the voice can be easily turned off.

The Phoenix Talking Scale is a precision instrument that is accurate to about 0.1 lb (0.1 kg). Weights are displayed via a digital LCD display. The numbers appear in a thick black font, set against a dark greenish background, and the numbers measure a little less than an inch in height. It can calculate weights in either pounds or kilograms, and switching between the two systems of measurement is as easy as pressing a button found directly beneath the scales LCD readout. The scale runs off of one 9V battery, which is included with the scale.

Using the scale is a breeze. Simply insert the battery into the battery housing found on the underside of the scale and your set to go. To weigh yourself, simply step, with one or both feet, onto the platform and off again. (The stepping off again is important. If you don't, you'll get an inaccurate reading - if any at all.) Once you step on and off the scale, you will know that is has become 'active' because it will say "Hello" to you in a pleasant female voice.

Once the scale is ready to weigh you (it took about three seconds in my trials with the scale) the voice will say, "I'm ready." Now step back onto the scale and it will weigh you. Once the scale has calculated your weight it will tell you its reading. The reading will also be visible in the LCD display for about ten seconds. After which time the scale will say "good-bye" and turn itself off.

To use the scale with the voice function turned off, you follow the same procedure as above. Step on and off the scale, the scale will turn on and after a short while the numbers 0.0 will appear in the LCD display. Step back onto the scale and your weight will be calculated and display. Step back off the scale, and it will turn itself off. The voice function can be turned on and off via a small sliding push button that is located on the underside of the scale.

The scale is primarily off-white in color, with six silver-colored metal strips inlaid along each of the 'foot' pads. The two foot pad areas, i.e., the areas in which you are suppose to place your feet, are slightly indented. These indentations serve to guide your feet into the proper location in which you should stand while your weight is being calculated. The LCD read out is located at the top center of the scale, and the read out is framed by a silver faceplate, bordered on its lower side by a dark gray area in which is located the button for switching back and forth between lb and kg. Over all the scale has a sleek, almost art-deco profile that should fit in well with almost any decorating scheme.

In Conclusion

In my evaluation of the scale, I found it to be extremely easy to use. I especially liked the fact that you did not have to fumble with any buttons in order to use the scale. In addition, the voice is loud enough to hear easily, but not so loud that it could be easily overheard in another room. The scale was tried out on both wood and tile floors, upon which it worked well. According the documentation that comes with the scale, it is not intended for use on thick-carpet. Another plus is that the scale is suited for use by all family members. In other words, it is not simply a 'vision aid'. It is a fully functioning scale that can be used with or without the speech function. However, for many visually impaired individuals, the Phoenix Talking Scale will soon turn into an indispensable tool. It will not only help increase your independence, but it will also help you keep your weight as it should be - secret!

This review was originally published - June 9, 2003

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