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The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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Old-Time Radio: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
20 Old-Time Radio Programs
From Radio Spirits, (2001)
ISBN: 1-57019-417-3
10 Audio Cassettes - 10 hours of play time
Genre: Mystery - Detective

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - December 13, 2001

Sherlock Holmes is on the case again in Old-Time Radio's The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This collection was compiled by Radio Spirits in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, and it includes 20 episodes from the 1947-48 radio season, that have never before been released. These episodes star John Stanley as the indomitable detective, Sherlock Holmes and Alfred Shirley as Holmes's long suffering companion, Dr. Watson. Their nemesis, Professor Moriarty, is played to the hilt by Charles D. Penman. All these episodes have been expertly restored and digitally remastered. Accordingly, the sound quality is excellent.

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, the stories that aired on The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes were scripted by Edith Meiser, and her scripts so well follow Doyle's style that one could easily imagine that all the stories contained in this collection were written by Doyle himself. This collection comes in a sturdy collector's case, and with a special booklet written by Anthony Tollin and William Nadel. This booklet chronicles the history of Sherlock Holmes and the Sherlock Holmes radio show, and includes vintage photos of the cast and production team.

With wit, and a superb eye for detail, Holmes elevates his skills at detection to an art form. The episodes from The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series, which are included in this collection, include the following cases: The Lucky Shilling, The Engineer's Thumb, The Avenging Blade, The Sanguinary Spectre, The Shoscombe Old Place, King Phillip's Golden Salver, The Very Best Butter, The Everblooming Roses, The Accommodating Valise, and A Case of Identity. Also, included are the adventures of: The Wooden Claw, The Six napoleons, The Serpent God, Lady Waverly's Imitation Pearls, The Empty House, The Sinister Crate of Cabbages, and The Illustrious Client. Besides these 'cases' and 'adventures', this collection also includes the Death is a Golden Arrow, The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax, and the Complicated Poisoning at Eel Pie Island.

These recordings are exact replicas of the original broadcasts, and even include the sponsor's advertisements which were originally broadcast along with the shows. The 1947-48 season was sponsored by Clipper Craft Clothes for Men. These ads are intriguing in their own right as they help illustrate some aspects of a society recovering from the struggles endured during World War II. During many of these ads, the announcer banters with Dr. Watson, creating a short show within a show. Most interesting, many of these ads also include the prices being charged for the highlighted items. By modern standards, these prices are extremely low. So low in fact that they may make you wish that you had the use of a time machine - the next time you need to buy some new clothes!

The episodes included in this collection have never before been released, so unless you heard these shows when they first aired, this will be your first chance to hear these marvelously crafted mysteries. These were extremely well received shows, and over 300 Sherlock Holmes episodes were aired that were scripted by Edith Meiser. Time has been very kind to these shows, and they are just as riveting today, as they were when they first aired. These episodes are sure to tickle the fancy of Sherlock Holmes fans the world over!

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