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Lost in a Good Book
By Jasper Fforde

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Lost in a Good Book
By Jasper Fforde
ISIS Large Print, (2003)
ISBN: 0-7531-6823-5
Genre: Fantasy

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Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - January 22, 2004

In the continuing saga of Literary Detective Thursday Next, Detective Next is once again up to her eyeballs in literature - literally! As we left Thursday at the end of The Eyre Affair, she was reveling in the fame that blossomed out of the success of her last mission, and in her new life as the wife of Landen. In her last great adventure she not only managed to rescue Jane Eyre, who had been kidnaped by the arch criminal Acheron Hades, and put Jane 'back' into her book, where she belonged, but she also managed to bring an end to the deadly and interminable Crimean War.

Lost in a Good Book, the sequel of The Eyre Affair, takes place in the England of the 1980's, but not our 1980's. The world that Thursday inhabits features many quaint attributes that ours lacks, such as time travel and the ability to physically enter into a book and converse with the books characters. It is also a world in which literature is treated with respect and dignity, not just a mere entrainment.

In this eclectic installment of the Thursday saga, Thursday must once again vanquish evil, and face untold dangers. Not only is she blackmailed by the Goliath Corporation, who is still smarting from Thursday's efforts to break their military monopoly, but she is also faced with the heartbreaking problem of what to do when ones husband is erased from history. In a world of time travel, it is possible to go back in time and change the future, and this is just what happens in this exciting installment.

Lavoisier, a member of the ChronoGuards, is hired by the Goliath Corporation to kill Thursday's husband. To achieve this goal he goes back in time and kills Landen when he is just a toddler. While Thursday retains the memories of her husband, as far as anyone else is concerned, he died as a child. The Goliath Corporation offers Thursday a deal, if she rescues their agent, the evil Jack Schitt, from "The Raven" where he had been imprisoned, they will see to it that her husband's death is undone. Yet we know, as Thursday soon learns, that the Goliath Corporation is not to be trusted. So she must find a way to resurrect her husband on her own, or go through life as a widow to a man who never was.

Once in the 'books', Thursday discovers that the books in the BookWorld have their own policing agency called the Jurisfiction. As part of Thursday adventure, she is apprenticed to the Miss Havisham of Dickens' Great Expectations. In a plot twist that is equal to that of the great writers, Thursday finds that she has become a literary cop in both the human world, and the book world. And, oh yeah, she also finds time to save the world from a pink sludge that is threatening to annihilate all life on Earth...

Lost in a Good Book is a fun, and entertaining book to the read. Fforde's writing is innovative and engaging and the story so engrossing that you will have a hard time putting the book down. Thursday is an engaging heroine, and Fforde's story is imaginative, enchanting, and laugh out loud funny. This is a great story for anyone who likes adventure stories, fantasies, or thrillers. I do however, recommend that you read The Eyre Affair before tackling this book, as Fforde explains some of the more unique features of this book, such as the ChronoGuards, in more detail in the first volume. Then, after reading Lost in a Good Book, be sure to have The Well of Lost Plots, the third book in this series, on hand, as you will want to immediately read the next volume in this series so that you can see what Thursday will be up to next.

Lost in a Good Book can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of ISIS Large Print.

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