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The Well of Lost Plots
By Jasper Fforde

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The Well of Lost Plots
By Jasper Fforde
ISIS Large Print, (2003)
ISBN: 0-7531-7045-0
Genre: Fantasy

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Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - January 22, 2004

The high-spirited Thursday Next is back again in Jasper Fforde's third installment of the Thursday saga, The Well of Lost Plots. In this wickedly punny novel, Thursday, is hiding out in an unpublished book while she awaits the birth of her child. Thursday is to discover that there is no peace for a hard working literary detective. Especially one whose husband has been time-slipped and, consequently, ceased to exist.

The plucky Thursday perseveres through all her trials, including morning sickness and the onerous appearance of Aornis Hades, the sister of Acheron Hades, one of Thursday's many nemeses. Thursday is the only person that remembers that her husband, Landen, ever existed, and Aornis is doing her best to erase Thursday's memory of her Landen. Thursday must also deal with the murder of Miss Havisham, from Great Expectations. Thursday served under the man-hating Havisham during her apprenticeship in the Jurisfiction Department. Although still a newbie, Thursday is bent upon tracking down the murderer, and keeping Havisham's department running smoothly, a task that becomes increasingly difficult as Jurisfiction agents begin to die in droves. The Jurisfiction Department is the police force of the book world. Their job is to keep all the fictional plots, and characters, inhabiting the book world in line.

The Well of Lost Plots is set in an alternative reality in which woolly mammoths are common sights throughout the English countryside, people can physically enter the storylines of books, and mind worms can eat your memories. Thursday England is a fantastical world in which literature literally comes alive. It is also a world in which books are well regulated, and now at long last the book system is going to be upgraded. Not only will punctuation be standardized and grammasites eliminated, but the number of available plots will increase to 32. While investigating the deaths of the Jurisfiction agents, Thursday comes to the conclusion that their deaths are related to the upcoming upgrade of the book system. Why their deaths are connected to the upgrade is only the first of many questions that Thursday must answer if she is to get to the bottom of the deepening mystery surrounding the upgrade.

A complex plot, an imaginative story line, a mesmerizing mystery, and a feisty heroine are just a few of the elements that make The Well of Lost Plots a 'must read' book. Not only will this book make you take a new look at the old 'classics' but it will also tickle your funny bone in just the right place.

Fforde's books are satirical and imaginative, and they keep getting better. Be sure to read this series in order, as you may find the story line hard to follow if you jump around. The first book in the series is The Eyre Affair, the second, Lost in a Good Book, and The Well of Lost Plot is the third. I understand that a fourth book featuring Thursday Next is in the works, and I'm eagerly awaiting its release!

The Well of Lost Plots can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of ISIS Large Print.

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