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The Rise of the Antichrist
By Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

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Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist

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Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist
Large Print Edition
The Left Behind Series - Book 3
By Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
Thorndike Press, (2000)
ISBN: 0-7862-2469-X
Genre: Mystery - Suspense

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - October 1, 2001

This, the third volume in the Left Behind Series opens with a bang. In order to bring the American President Gerald Fitzhugh and his band of freedom fighters to their knees, Nicolae Carpathia, leader of the Global Community, has ordered a nuclear strike on the U.S. In mere minutes, New York and numerous other cities are gone, decimated by the nuclear bombs. Even Chicago is hit by a massive wave of bombs.

By sheer luck, Buck Williams and his new wife Chloe had left New York shortly before the bombs fell. Even more fortuitous, Rayford Steele, Chloe's father, who was suppose to have flown a plane to New York, switched jobs with another pilot. But the Tribulation force has not survived the bombings unscathed. Bruce Barnes, their pastor and mentor, is dead, although they are not sure if his death was directly attributed to the bombings. As well, Chloe is seriously injured, when her car overturns during the attack.

Even before the attacks, the Tribulation Force had been sure that Carpathia was the Antichrist, and his deliberate nuking of America only served to reinforce their beliefs.

Nicolae: The Rise of the Antichrist is by far the most energetic book in the series yet. It has been two years since the rapture, and the tribulation is a quarter of the way completed. The Tribulation Force knows that horrendous times are coming. They know that the prophecy dubbed 'the wrath of the Lamb' is about to occur, and when it does a quarter of the people left on Earth will die. Bereft of their leader, the Tribulation force must face the coming events alone. They are at a point of crisis, a crisis that they never expected to have to face. While they realized that they would not all make it to the 'end', on some level they were sure that Barnes would. Now they must move on. By dint of seniority, Rayford becomes the quasi-leader of the Tribulation Force.

They are fortunate that Rayford had been selected to be Carpathia's personal pilot, because, thanks to a secret microphone, he is able to listen into Carpathia's conversations on the plane. Rayford hopes that the information he gathers will be useful in protecting the Tribulation Force. While Rayford is busy playing chauffeur to Carpathia, Buck Williams has troubles of his own. Tsion Ben-Judah, the famous Rabbi that 'proved' that Jesus was the Messiah has been hiding out ever since his family was murdered. Tsion is aware that if he falls into the wrong hands, he will also be killed, his only hope is to get out of Israel and into a place of safekeeping. To this end, Williams takes up the task of finding Tsion and then escorting him out of Israel. Their goal, the Tribulation Force's church in Mount Pleasant, Illinois where there is an underground shelter in which Tsion can hide out. However, they know that sneaking Tsion out of Israel is not going to be easy, and they are proved right!

Nicolae: The Rise of the Antichrist is an action-packed story from beginning to end. Besides the bombings and risky treks through the Sinai, the authors also explain, in greater detail more about the Seven Seal, and the various tribulations still to come. Like the two volumes that came before, this volume ends in a major, bated breath type of cliffhanger. You'll defiantly want the next volume in the series, Soul Harvest to be handy so that you can find out what happened.

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