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North Alabama
A Picture Perfect Destination

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North Alabama: A Picture Perfect Destination
By Rochelle Caviness - July 29, 2002

North Alabama offers visitors a host of recreational and sight seeing opportunities. To give you a taste of what you'll find in North Alabama, we have compiled a series of articles on various attractions in the area. To learn more about the attractions listed below, simply click on the title, and you'll be whisked to the related article... This is just a mere sampling of what you will find in North Alabama. Other unique attractions range from Unclaimed Baggage to the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.

Accommodations and Dining

North Alabama is comprised of 16 counties, and available lodging accommodations runs the gamut from campgrounds to luxury hotels. Dining options are equally diverse, ranging from fast food eateries to swank establishments such 801 Franklin in Huntsville. This restaurant serves haute cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Matt Martin, in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. They also offer an award winning selection of wines to compliment your meal. If you're a vegetarian or have any other dietary concerns, don't worry. Just let them know what you want, and if it is in their power, they will accommodate your every whim.

Throughout North Alabama you'll also find a host of restaurants serving good, old-fashioned comfort food. An fine example of this is Stephano's Little Italy in Florence. Stephano's is an Italian-American restaurant that serves hearty, mouth watering dishes with a large side-portion of southern charm. Bring your appetite with you because you are going to want to conclude you meal with a slice of Stephano's mouth-watering cheesecake. You're sure to want the recipe, but don't bother asking - it's a secret...

Getting Around North Alabama

Getting to North Alabama is a snap. You can fly into the Huntsville-Decatur International airport, or you can drive or take a bus into the region. If you are visually impaired and don't drive, you may want to consider traveling with a sighted companion or touring the region with a tour group as you may find it difficult to get from venue to venue if you don't drive as public transportation is limited in many areas. However, if you drive, or have someone to drive for you, you will find that getting around North Alabama is quite easy. The roads are in good repair and well-laid out.


If you like to shop, you'll like North Alabama - especially if you are 'into' antiques. North Alabama is dotted with small, laid back towns which have well restored (or preserved) downtown areas. Almost without exception you will find that most towns, large and small, have a host of antique stores to enthrall the most avid antiquer. You'll also find a variety of unique shopping opportunities such as A Touch of German in Cullman that sells, well, things German.

Bargain hunters will also find North Alabama to their liking. In addition to such unique sites as the Unclaimed Baggage Center, North Alabama is also host to a variety of outlet shopping venues, flea markets, and the longest yard sale in the world! This yard sale starts in Gadsden, Alabama and goes on for about 450 miles, ending in Cincinnati, Ohio. This year it is scheduled to be held August 15-18, 2002.


Whether you are interested in just playing a round of golf, or spending a couple of weeks vacationing with your family, you are sure to find North Alabama to your liking. The area teems with Southern hospitality, natural beauty, and unique attractions that will suit visitors of all ages.

To find out all that Picture Perfect North Alabama has to offer, check out the North Alabama Tourism Associations website, located at:

Here you will find maps, sample itineraries, lists of the various accommodations available in the area, including Bed and Breakfast Inns and Campgrounds. You will also find detail lists covering shopping, golfing, fishing, and dining opportunities, a calender of upcoming events and festivals, and a detailed list of the numerous attractions that you can visit throughout the area.

In addition, you will find information on how to contact the North Alabama Tourism Association directly. You'll also find a variety of State Tourism Links, links to North Alabama's CVBs, Tourism Bureaus, and Chambers of Commerce, plus links to various attractions.

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