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Off Season
By Anne Rivers Siddons

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Off Season

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Off Season: A Novel
By Anne Rivers Siddons
Read by Jane Alexander
Hachette Audio, (2008)
An Unabridged Recording on 10 CDs
ISBN 10: 1-60024-170-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-60024-170-3
Genre: Fiction

This audiobook is also available as a 6 CD, abridged edition. The ISBN for the abridged edition is 978-1-60024-168-0.

Reviewed by Angela Evans - August 18, 2008

Off Season is an unforgettably warm novel by Anne Rivers Siddons that will touch your heart with its passion and tragic love story. This is the story of Lilly Constable McCall, who has lost the love of her life - her husband Cam. After years of idyllic love and decades of blissful married life, Lilly is left bereft by Cam's sudden death. To commemorate their love and to hopefully discover who she is now that she is alone, Lilly travels to a 'their' favorite spot on the coast of Maine and there she tries to reconnect to her life and to find the strength to carry on alone.

Moving, tender, and unforgettable, the audio verison of this book is artfully read by Jane Alexander. I especially liked listening to this book, versus reading it, because the audio version allows you to sit back and close your eyes and just allow the story to flow over you. In addition, you can continue on with the story even when your eyes are filled with tears.

Through Lilly's reminiscences, you get to witness her early life on the Maine coast, her life with Cam and their children, and his death. Recollecting her past life allows Lilly to find the foundations upon which she can rebuild her life, yet still maintain her ties to Cam and all that they had together. In short, Off Season is a beautifully written coming-of-age story of a middle-aged woman who had the perfect life, and who must rebuild that life when its foundation stone is painfully ripped away.

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