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Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way
By Pope John Paul II
Read by Kristoffer Tabori

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Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way

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Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way
By Pope John Paul II
Read by Kristoffer Tabori
Time Warner Audiobooks, (2004)
An Unabridged Recording Available on CD or Cassette
CD ISBN: 1-59483-013-4
Cassette ISBN: 1-59483-012-6
Genre: Inspirational - Catholic, Autobiography

Reviewed by Anne Marie Vaughn – February 8, 2005

Pope John Paul II was born Karol Wojtyla in Wadowice, Poland in 1920. He was ordained in 1946, became auxiliary bishop and archbishop of Cracow in 1958 and 1964 respectively. In 1978, he was elected Pope and took the name of one of his beloved teachers, John Paul II.

In his book, Gift Industry, John Paul II wrote of the early years of his priesthood beginning with God's call to "Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way is a continuation of his life's journey beginning with his ordination as auxiliary bishop of Cracow in 1958. He describes the ceremony and the meaning of the symbols of his position such as the sacred chrism, the book of gospels and his ring. He addresses the responsibilities of a bishop, for example serving and admonition (he believes he did too little here due to his temperament).

He addresses his years as Peter's successor and the responsibilities of that position to the world, his bishops and Catholics everywhere. Pope John Paul II describes the Second Vatican Council, how he modeled it after the First Vatican Council (he participated in that Council as a very young priest), the topics discussed (warfare, for example) and the good work that was accomplished.

The Pope also talks of his special devotion to Mary and of his pilgrimages he's made to her shrines, such as to the Black Madonna in Poland and to Our lady of Guadalupe.

Above all, what comes through in his recollections journey is Pope John Paul II's love for God and all that he has created.

Kristoffer Tabori does a fantastic job of relaying that love in his reading. You begin to think you are actually listening to the Pope himself tell his own story.

Reviewed by Angela Evans - October 18, 2004

The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, is a man surrounded by an aura of piety and sincerity. Born in Poland on May 18, 1920, the Holy Father is, physically, a frail man. His body may be afflicted with Parkinson's disease but his mind is a sharp as ever! In his newest book, Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way, the Holy Father offers words of encouragement and inspiration that help to illustrate the power of the faith and the Holy Father's indomitable spirt.

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way follows the same tone and style of his previous books: Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Gift and Mystery: On the 50th Anniversary of My Priestly Ordination, and Roman Tryptych - Meditations. All these books are uplifting, are readily accessible to the laity, and each provides a window into John Paul's faith and commitment to the Church, and his own personal history.

In Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way, we learn something about the life of Karol Józef Wojtyla, the calling that led him to enter the Church, and the events that transpired that led to his introduction to the world as Pope John Paul II. The main focus of this book, however is the period between his appointment as auxiliary Bishop of Krakow (Poland) in 1958, and his election as Pope in October of 1978. In the course of telling his story, the Holy Father also explains his feelings on many of the issues facing mankind today, including the need for peoples of all faiths to work together for the common good. Throughout he offers hope for a better future, words that will intensify you faith, and an unambiguous overview of the beauty of Catholicism and some of the most common ceremonies associated with the Church.

In this audio edition of Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way, the Holy Father's words are read by Kristoffer Tabori. An Audie award winning audiobook narrator, Tabori has a strong, clear voice and it is easy to imagine that this is the way that the Holy Father sounded when younger. His reading enhances the inspirational message contained within the pages of this book and helps to give a clear voice to this wonderful new book by Pope John Paul II.

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