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Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science
By Michel Millodot

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Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science

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Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science
By Michel Millodot
Butterworth Heinemann, (2000)
ISBN: 0-7506-4373-0
Genre: Reference, Eye Health

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - July 1, 2001

Have you ever taken a look at your ophthalmology or optometry medical records and wondered what all the terms meant? Or have you ever left your eye doctor's office thinking that you knew what he was talking about, but after you got home could no longer remember what all the terms he used meant? If so, you may want to consider getting a medical dictionary that concentrates upon vision related terms. One such dictionary is the Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science by Michel Millodot.

The fifth edition of this dictionary has recently been released, and it has been so well received that it has even been published in several different languages including French and Chinese. Although its intended audience is optometrist and optometry students, the definitions are clear and easily understandable by all. For example here is the definition given for an ERG test:
Electroretinogram - Recording of mass electrical response of the retina when it is stimulated by light. It is recorded by placing an electrode in contact with the cornea (usually with the aid of a contact lens) and a second electrode is placed either on the forehead or the face. The response is complex as many cells of various types contribute to it... The ERG... are useful indicators of the health of all the layers of the retina and can differentiate between the functioning of the rods and cones. (Pg. 93.)
This dictionary contains over 4,200 entries, covering the most common terms associated with optometry and visual science. The text is illustrated, and copiously crossed referenced. All entries have detailed definitions. Although the text primarily uses British spellings throughout, when the American spelling begins with a different letter than the British, it is listed under both spellings. In addition to traditional dictionary entries and definitions, this dictionary also includes a variety of charts and tables that enhance the text. For example, there is a detailed list of common abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols. The text is also enhanced by a plethora of diagrams and pictures that help to illustrate the definitions.

I was greatly impressed with this dictionary. As a test, I took the report from my last eye exam, by an ophthalmologist, and I looked up all the terms used in the report. I only came across one term, within the five page report, that I could not find in the "Dictionary of Optometry" - not bad!

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