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Oxford American Large Print Thesaurus

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Oxford American Large Print Thesaurus
with More than 130,000 Synonyms and Antonyms
Oxford University Press, 2006
ISBN: 0-19-530077-7
Genre: Reference

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - April 28, 2006

When it comes to dictionaries and thesauruses, Oxford reference books have long been the gold standard for English language lexicons. The Oxford American Large Print Thesaurus is a valuable addition to the body of reference works that are available in large print. This new Thesaurus concentrates on American English and it contains more than 130,000 synonyms and antonyms that are organized in alphabetical order. The Oxford American Large Print Thesaurus is the companion volume to the Oxford American Large Print Dictionary. Both of these books have been produced in cooperation with Lighthouse International, who provided assistance in the style and layout of the books in order to make them more accessible to visually impaired readers. In addition, a portion of the sales from both of these books is being donated to Lighthouse International, a leading authority in the field of helping individuals dealing with vision loss.

The Oxford American Large Print Thesaurus is based upon the standard print edition of the Oxford MiniThesaurus, 2004. The text is printed on paper that is designed to minimize glare and to minimize the background shadows produced by the text from one page being visible on the previous page. The type face used in the Oxford American Large Print Thesaurus dark, sharp, and easy to read. Main entries are printed in a bold print that appears to be about a 17-point font size with the closest synonyms to the main entry printed in a one size smaller font, and are also printed in bold. Additional synonyms and antonyms for each entry are printed in non-bold type of an equal size. Throughout, the text includes generous margins and adequate spacing between words. This book is ideal for both younger students and for adults who need or prefer to use large print books.

Each entry includes information regarding the main entries 'part of speech'. In addition at the end of the book you will find a short Language Guide that covers such topics as capitalization and punctuation, as well as a list of commonly misspelled words and a list of cliches you should try to avoid using. The following is a sample entry:
recluse n. hermit, anchorite, ascetic, eremite, monk, nun, solitary, lone wolf, loner.
A list of the abbreviations used in the test was not included. However, they should all be familiar to most users. For example, n is used to denote a noun, adj for an adjective, etc. The text is arranged with two columns of entries on each page with a vertical line dividing the two columns.

In order to keep this book to a manageable size, the entries concentrate primarily on modern American English usage and the words that currently comprise the 'core' vocabulary of most English users. For most users, the selection of words in this thesaurus will be sufficient and it will prove invaluable for students and for home and office use. However, writers and advanced students may find the number of entries restrictive. For these users, a writer's or college thesaurus, such as The Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus or the Random House Webster's College Thesaurus may prove more useful. Neither, however, is available in large print.

The Oxford American Large Print Thesaurus was designed especially for use by visually impaired readers and most readers who desire or need a large print thesaurus will find this book easy to use and that the text is clear and easy to read. When combined with the Oxford American Large Print Dictionary these books make a must have addition to any reference shelf.

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