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BOLDview Large Print Phone Pad
From Book Mountain

(Please note: It appears that Book Mountain is no longer in business. If you have any information to the contrary, please let us know. We are sorry for any inconvenience.)

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

BOLDView's newest large print product is an extra large message pad, designed specifically for taking phone messages. This phone pad consists of 30 sheets of paper. The pad measures 8.5" x 11" and is backed by a piece of cardboard. It is similar to the construction of a legal pad of paper. The paper used in this pad is extra thick, and is perfect for using with a 20/20 pen or other marker as the ink does not bleed through the paper.

This message pad is ideally designed for use by visually impaired individuals. The paper is lined with thick, and bold black lines spaced 1/2'' apart. Like traditional phone message pads, this pad has five designated spaces. The designations used on this pad are For, Date, Name, PH, and MSG. Each designation is printed in extra large, bold type, and each is followed by enough space for you to fill in the necessary information. The PH designation is for the phone number, and the MSG is for the body of the message. Nine of the fourteen lines on this pad are devoted to space for writing down the message. The pages on this pad can be easily detached, and is the correct size for storing in a three-ring binder. If you want to store these pages in a binder, you'll need to make your own holes in the paper.

This pad is well-suited for use by visually impaired individuals. The print is dark and bold and the paper is white with a matte finish, which makes for good contrast and reduced glare. In addition, the pad is a handy item to keep by the phone for taking messages, both for others and for yourself. The pages are large, making them harder to loose, and the large size provides sufficient space with which to write down messages using a bold marker. In short, it is a practical item that will fills a unique niche in the realm of low vision products.

This review was originally published - December 11, 2003

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