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Plan of Attack
By Dale Brown

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Plan of Attack

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Plan of Attack
By Dale Brown
Large Print Edition
Harper Large Print, (2004)
ISBN: 0-06-072686-5
Genre: Military Techno-Thriller

Reviewed by Herbert White - September 13, 2004

Dale Brown's techno-thrillers are marked by their extensive use of detailed descriptions of military equipment and ordnance, and by their hair-raising story lines. Plan of Attack is one such Brown novel, and for my liking, one of his best. In this novel, U.S. Air Force Major General Patrick McLanahan once again takes on the lead role, battling American bureaucrats and Russians sporting nuclear weapons.

McLanahan is a skilled soldier and an intuitive intelligence officer who is not afraid of risking his career when necessity dictates making 'hard decisions.' He also has the ability to take a long range view of a situation and calculate possible outcomes. In this situation, he perceives that the United States is poised to be attacked by the Russian Federation - and he's right. The problem is, nobody is listening to him, in part because he has recently been demoted for opening fire on a Russian surface-to-air missile battery - without permission. As a result, the Russians are able to a launce a successful stealth attack against the U.S. The only option left the American's is to launch an all-out counter offensive that might well leave the planet a smoking dust ball, or admit defeat and cave in to the Russians. McLanahan, however, has come up with a third option. The problem is, however, that once again he is having a lot of trouble getting anyone to listen to his ideas!

Plan of Attack is a hard-nosed, pulse pounding thriller that will have the hairs on your head standing on end. Set in the modern day, this story interweaves current events with all too-real scenarios that foreshadow a Taliban invasion of Turkmenistan. In this scenario, the Taliban move on Turkmenistan after being driven out of Afghanistan by American troops. In retaliation, the Russian's send in forces to throw the Taliban out of Turkmenistan, instigating a conflict that quickly grows out of control. In true Brown style, this story quickly escalates into a series of spell binding battles, on both land and in the air, that are describe in minuet detail.

Plan of Attack is a fascinating and compelling story that will mesmerize readers from beginning to end. A word of warning, the beginning of the book tends to be 'techno' heavy with weapon systems command structures, and military equipment described in minute detail. However, once the basic paraphernalia used in the story is described, the story flows much smoother, and faster. Should you happen to forget any of the details, regarding the equipment, there is a handy reference guide at the beginning of the book that details the characters, aircraft, and weaponry that animates this non-stop thrill ride that shadows a world on the brink of World War III.

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