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The Holy Bible
New Revised Standard Version

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The Holy Bible
New Revised Standard Version
Large Print Edition
Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.
Thomas Nelson Publishers, (1989)
Item # 31090207
Genre: Religion, Presbyterian - Bible

Reviewed by Leo Johnston - September 2, 2001

This large print, pew edition of the New Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible was published for the Presbyterian Church. It was designed to match the Presbyterian Hymnal, which is also available in large print. This Bible features a dark blue cover, with gold embossed lettering. This Bible also features, on its cover and spine, the stylized cross of the Presbyterian church. This cross is notable in that it includes, as the cross bar, an open book toped by a dove, with flames on either side of the cross. The end pages of the text are stained blue.

This version of the Holy Bible, NRSV includes both the Old and New Testaments. The text is enhanced by a pronunciation guide for proper names. As well, more difficult names, and non-English words, are printed within the text in transliteration. This makes the words much easier to read. This edition also includes regional maps and historical segments that offer background information on the various books of the Bible. A very nice feature of this version is that the book titles, such as Genesis are printed in white text within a black boarder, along the edges of the pages. This makes it much easier, when leafing through the Bible, to find the particular book that you are looking for.

Besides being used as part of the prayer service and for general reading, this Bible can also serve as a study Bible. Various sections are headed by captions delineating the main essence of a section, along with notions of related sections to read. For example, in Mark 15.42 is entitled "The Burial of Jesus" and contains the following references (Mt 27.57-61; Lk 23.50-56; Jn 19.38-42). Many passages throughout this Bible also contain footnotes that further explain the text.

Another useful study tool is that, following the Old Testament, is a list of the Parables and Miracles that are found in the Bible. The list also includes reference notations that lead the reader to the places in the Bible where the parable or miracles are mentioned. This appendix is further divided into Parables in the Old Testament, Miracles in the Old Testament, Parables of Our Lord, along with the lesson that they teach, and Miracles of Our Lord. Following The New Testament, are a few blank pages for notes, a detailed subject index to both the Old and New Testaments, a chart that chronologically listing the major events in the Bible, and a section detailing, "The Life and Journeys of the Apostle Paul." Lastly, this edition of the Bible, ends with a list of the Prayers found in the Old and New Testaments, a list of Jewish Feasts, and an explanation of The Jewish Calendar.

The only drawback to this otherwise splendid Bible is that for large print, the print size is rather small by my standards. Unlike the large print edition of the Presbyterian Hymnal, which uses a 14 pt. font, this edition of the Bible has a font size of only about 10. While this is a larger font size than is used in most Bibles, 14 pt. or larger would have been more useful to many individuals with low vision. Despite this drawback, I found this Bible to be well organized and much easier to read than the standard print version of the Bible that I was using.

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