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Portable Electronic Magnifiers (CCTV's)

CCTV's, also called video magnifiers, use a small camera to display and enlarge text or images on a TV or computer styled screen. Magnifications powers vary from one model to another, with most magnifying from 3X to 60X. CCTV's come in both black and white, and color models. While most CCTV's are desktop units, portable units are also available. CCTV's can be used to read any text - such as books, newspapers, and letters. As well they can be used for viewing pictures, writing letters, doing your nails, etc.
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  • Product Description:
    The DR-300 ezRead from Carson Optical transforms your television into a visual aid! Simply place the ezRead directly on top of your reading material to display the Magnified image in full color right on your television screen. Connects to your television in seconds using the supplied 10' video cable. Internal LED illumination ensures that the image on screen is bright and easy to read. The size of your television monitor determines the actual Magnification of the item. The larger the monitor, the greater the Magnification! The ezRead is ideal for those with low vision or macular degeneration. Operates with three AAA batteries (not included) or supplied 10' A/C power adaptor and is UL Listed. Magnification Table is 5.3x on a 14" television, 6.5x on a 17" television, 8x on a 21" television, 10.3x on a 27" television, and 12.2x on a 32" television

    Product Description:

    Designed for people who want to see objects at a distance as well as at their desktop. Switch between near, intermediate and distant viewing. It is very lightweight (only 11 pounds, including the high-resolution monitor), and comes with its own carry bag for easy portability. It will magnify from 2X to 50X, and has a remote control, similar to a TV remote, for making adjustments while simultaneously viewing. Reading, writing and hobbies are easy in the near-view mode, while lectures and classroom activities, such as written matter on a chalkboard, can be viewed in the distance mode. LIFETIME MANUFACTURE WARRANTY.

    Product Description:

    High quality, simple and affordable Electronic Magnifier for people with low vision. The goal is simple: give back independence to people who have difficulty reading small print. With the aid of this ergonomic and easy to use product, people who suffer from low vision can enjoy reading everything from a favorite magazine to the latest author, and can easily view everyday items -- from food labels to prescription bottles. Its compact size only slightly larger than a standard computer mouse makes it very comfortable to handle. Compatible with any TV using video input (RCA connection.) Comes with 6 ft. easy store cable. Order yours today and bring the pleasure of reading into your life! See our complete product line and choose the model that best fits your lifestyle. Quick Guide to Product Line: MonoMouse: displays Black Type on White Screen MonoMouse-RM: (Reverse Mode) gives option of Black on White or White on Black ColorMouse: displays in Full Color ColorMouse-RM: displays in Full Color, Black on White, or White on Black Features:
    • Small, portable, convenient- shaped like computer mouse!
    • See anything in true full color
    • Compatible with any TV using video input
    • 13X Magnification on a 20 TV

    More ColorMouse CCTV Magnifiers:

    Product Description:

    CONVERTS TV INTO A CCTV. Easy to use - Just connect to your T.V. and roll the SEEMORE Vision Enhancer Camera over any reading material to magnify text. Unit is totally portable and may be used on any standard television or monitor. Features reverse video magnification (positive and negative). Magnify up to 20x on a 13" monitor and 30x on a 20" monitor. Includes: "SeeMore Vision Enhancer", Camera and Stand, Power supply, All connecting Cables, 1 Year Parts/Labor Guarantee, and a Handsome Travel Bag.

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