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Handheld Illuminated Magnifiers

Illuminated magnifiers are similar to non-illuninated maganifers except that they also include a small light. The lights in most handheld illunimated magnifiers are operated by batteries, and most feature replaceable lightbulbs. As with non-illuminated handheld magnigers, these magnifiers are available in a variety of shapes and sized, and maganification strengths.
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  • Product Description:

    The Bausch & Lomb MiniLite is a handy 3x magnifier with thumb-switch illumination for low-light subjects. Viewing area 1 1/4" x 1 1/4". Durable black case measures 4 3/4" long. Batteries NOT included.

    Product Description:

    10x -20 diopter. Small illuminated pocket size magnifier. Uses 2 ‘‘AAA’’ batteries (included). 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" lens size.

    Product Description:

    5x -20 diopter. Small illuminated pocket size magnifier. Uses 2 ‘‘AAA’’ batteries (included). 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" lens size.

    Product Description:

    Magnify and illuminate your reading material. The high quality 3x magnifying lens has pristine clarity. Sleek brushed aluminum and high-impact plastic housing protects the lens. To open simply press and hold the large release button. The lens will rotate out of the housing with a smooth hydraulic pivot action. Release the button when lens has rotated to desired position. The Lumifier comes with two super bright white LED lights. One LED light follows the lens when it is opened casting a shadow-free light directly under the lens. The second LED light functions as a flashlight when lens is in the stored position.Requires 2 lithium CR2032 batteries (included).Dimensions:1.7"W x 5"H x 0.9"D

    Product Description:

    Snap open the free protective black vinyl case and inside you'll find a 3x magnifier with its rubberized handle neatly tucked in. Unfold the handle and give the rubberized portion a light tug to reveal the battery compartment. Insert one AAA battery (included), replace the handle and slide the ridged button up to illuminate the long-lasting LED light. (LED light lasts for 8 continuous hours, or 100,000 hours if used only intermittently.) Powerful magnification and light are now in your hands for on-the-spot magnification of reading materials or hobby-work. The scratch-resistant acrylic lens measures 2" x 3" - the perfect size for using while still being comfortably portable. Product size shown is with the handle folded in. The handle itself measures approximately 4" long. Product dimensions (imperial): 4.25 inch H x 3 inch L x 0.625 inch W Product dimensions (metric): 107.95 mm H x 76.20 mm L x 15.88 mm W Features:
    • Perfect size for reading or viewing stamps & coins
    • Magnifier illuminates with a press of a button
    • 3x magnification
    • Small and compact
    • Free case

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