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Not Your Typical Large-Print Crosswords #3
Quotes, Quips, & Proverbs

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Not Your Typical Large-Print Crosswords #3

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Not Your Typical Large-Print Crosswords #3
Quotes, Quips, & Proverbs

Published by Crossword Corner
ISBN: 0-9747624-0-7

Reviewed by Dave Straube

Most large-print crossword books are reprints of puzzles which first appeared elsewhere and have been resized for the large-print market. But now there is a book of original puzzles specifically developed for the large-print community. Not Your Typical Large-Print Crosswords #3: Quotes, Quips, and Proverbs contains fifty original puzzles guaranteed to please solvers at all skill levels. Each puzzle has a theme which spells out a quote or proverb which may either amuse or inspire. Sometimes you'll identify the quote and use it to complete the crossing words. Other times the quote won't reveal itself until you have finished the rest of the puzzle. Either way, you will be challenged and entertained.

Another feature of the book is that it does not require the solver to know obscure authors or random Academy Award winners to fill the grids successfully. That's not to say that the puzzles are easy, though. There are plenty of misleading clues, double meanings, and trivia questions to keep you on your toes. But overall, a good general knowledge and an appreciation for wordplay are all that is required to enjoy the book.

Not Your Typical Large-Print Crosswords #3 has earned the seal of approval from the National Assocation for Visually Handicapped (N.A.V.H). The book is in 8-" x 11" format printed on off-white, reduced-glare paper. Grid squares are approximately " in size. Theme squares which make up the quote or proverbs are identified by a gray background. This makes it particularly easy to pick out the puzzle theme from the overall grid. N.A.V.H reviewed and approved the page layout, text fonts and sizes to insure their appropriateness for the large-print community. The answer key also has oversized grids for readability.

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