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Break No Bones
By Kathy Reichs

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Break No Bones

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Break No Bones
By Kathy Reichs
Thorndike Press Large Print, (2006)
ISBN 10: 0-7862-8820-5
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Angela Evans - May 7, 2007

In this, the ninth book in the Temperance Brennan series, Kathy Reichs once again has penned a thrilling and character-rich story that will hold your interest from beginning to end. In Break No Bones we find Tempe leading a group of undergraduate students on an archaeology field school excavation. In this class, they are working on examining an ancient native American-Indian burial site on a barrier island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. The field school would have been otherwise unremarkable, save for the not so very ancient remains that the students uncover. In very short order, Temperance finds herself helping Emma Rousseau, the local coroner and her best friend, in investigating several rather recently interred corpses that are not where they are suppose to be. Worse, they show signs of strangulation and sport odd nicks on their bones. As the body count rises, Tempe must not only deal with discovering who has killed all her corpses, but also with her estranged husband who shows up on the scene - and even moves into her house, as well as her boyfriend who is visiting from Canada.

As with the previous books in the series, this is an entertaining story full of realistic forensic details (Reichs is a working forensic anthropologist), likeable and memorable characters, and a plot line that will hold your interest - even if you figure out the ending before you get to it! Tempe's husband, is a lawyer who has come into town to investigate the case of a missing woman and whose case soon becomes entangled with the one that Tempe is investigating. When he moves into her rented home, he complicates not only her investigation, but also her love life with her boyfriend Ryan. The addition of this subplot helps to enliven the story and to make Tempe seem more real - although why she does not divorce her adulterous husband is beyond my understanding, especially now that she is carrying-on with her own 'special friend'!

Reich's Temperance Brennan stories are the basis for the TV show Bones. If you've never read any of Reich's books before, you will find many differences between the tv series and the novels. For starters, as you've already read, Tempe is married and has a boyfriend, as well as a child. She is also on the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and you will find that most of the characters on the tv show are not to be found in the book. However, if you are a fan of the TV series, you'll find this book enjoyable and while different from the TV series it has the same sense of whimsy as the show, and Tempe finds herself solving horrific crimes through the use of forensic science.

Break No Bones is a must read for all of Kathy Reichs' fans, as well as for anyone who likes the Bones TV show!

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