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The Bug
A Play By Richard Strand

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The Bug

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The Bug
- A Play
By Richard Strand
Plays on Tape and CD, (2000)
ISBN: 1889889067
Genre: Humor, General Fiction

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - June 6, 2001

The Bug is a cute little play about a neurotic young man named Dennis Post, who simply does not want to be transferred to St. Louis. Dennis works for the Jericho corporation, and the play starts as Post enters the administrative offices of his company to inquire if he is, indeed, about to be transferred. From the moment that he opens his mouth, everything starts to go wrong. First off, he is not even allowed on the office rug, and then he lets it slip that his supervisor, Douglas Cochrane, has not been to work in three years! Post has let loose a bug that quickly gets under the skin of the office stooges, a bug that the bureaucrats must squash before it begins to multiply and spread throughout the company.

Conspiracy theories abound in this amusing tale of bureaucracy gone astray. When a gun is pulled on a computer, you can almost hear the audience shout "Shoot it!" The ending is unpredictable, yet it fits in deliciously well with the story line. If you've ever had to deal with inane bureaucrats and their equally inane rules, you'll find that this play hits a nerve - and your funny bone.

This audio production is a full-length adaptation of Richard Stand's play, The Bug. The cast includes G. Charles as Dennis, as well as Caroline Carrigan, Marybeth Scherr, Dan Sushman, and Paul Parnell. The play is staged complete with sound effects and background music. The play runs about one and a half hours.

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