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Before Happiness
By Shawn Achor
An Audio Book Review

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Before Happiness

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Before Happiness
The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness, and Sustaining Positive Change
By Shawn Achor
Read by Mick Chamberlain
Random House Audio, 2013
An Unabridged Audio Recording on 7 CDs
ISBN: 978-0-8041-2789-9
Genre: Self Help

Reviewed by Angela Evans - September 19, 2013

Shawn Achor's new book, Before Happiness has a rather long subtitle that aptly sums up the substance of this book. The subtitle is The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness, and Sustaining Positive Change. In this life changing book Achor explores why it is necessary to be able to see that positive change is possible. More important, he explains how you can learn to see life in a more positive manner. According to Achor, it is only once you learn how to see things in a positive manner that you can effectively make the changes that will help you to achieve success in all facets of your life - both personal and professional.

This is a totally different tack than the one he took in his bestselling book, The Happiness Advantage. In this previous book he explained why happiness was an essential element that is needed to achieve success. In this book he explains how you can develop the correct mind set to achieve this happiness, which in turn leads to success. In many ways this book, Before Happiness is a prequel to The Happiness Advantage, although both books ably stand on their own.

In Before Happiness, Achor not only provides a psychological foundation for understanding happiness, and achieving it, but along the way he also provides exercises, tips, and insights that will make your exploration into your own happiness more fulfilling and rewarding. This information will help you discover your own source of happiness and to use it to alter your world view. In so doing you will not only (according to Achor), become a more naturally happy person, but understand how this inner happiness will enable you to more effectively achieve your personal goals and to succeed in whatever endeavors you might set your mind to.

This audio version of Before Happiness is read by Mike Chamberlain. His reading is energetic and it enlivens a book that could have been very boring to listen to had it been read by the wrong reader. Chamberlain's reading combined with Achor's keen insights makes this book enjoyable and informative to listen to. Take a chance and give this book a listen to. At worst, you'll simply come away from the experience with a more positive attitude, and at best you'll discover a way to achieve success, share the happiness you've found with those around you, and you will have learned how to see something positive in even the most negative of things that you come across.

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