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Sad Cypress
By Agatha Christie
Read by David Suchet

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Sad Cypress

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Sad Cypress: A Hercule Poirot Mystery
By Agatha Christie
Read by David Suchet
The Audio Partners Publishing Corp., (2002)
A Complete and Unabridged Audio Recording on 4 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-57270-268-0
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - October 31, 2002

David Suchet plays the bewhiskered Hercule Poirot on PBS's acclaimed Mystery! series. He has also acted as the reader for many of Audio Partners' adaptations of Agatha Christie's mysteries. Here, once again, he brings the full force of his thespian skills to bear in the masterful reading of Sad Cypress. An adroitness at giving each character a unique voice is one of the highlights of Suchet's reading of this marvelous mystery by Agatha Christie.

Sad Cypress is but one of the many novels in which Christie featured the unflappable Belgium detective, Hercule Poirot. It also serves as an excellent example of Christies mastery of the mystery genre. In short, Sad Cypress will keep you mesmerized as Christie draws you deeper and deeper into the world Elinor Carlisle.

In most cases, Poirot strives to prove someone innocent - before they are brought to trial. However, in this intriguing case he tries to save Elinor Carlisle from the gallows after she is accused, and found guilty, of having killed Mary Gerrard. At her trial it was determined that she used poison to kill Gerrard, a woman with whom she shared a common love interest in a young gentleman by the name of Roderick Welman. It is also implied that Gerrard may not have been her first victim!

Poirot takes on the case, fully intent upon exonerating Carlisle. However, as he unwinds each layer of the mystery, he begins to reach the same conclusion that everyone else has already reach - that she is guilty. Yet his little grey cells will not allow him to condemn the young woman until he uncoveres the irrefutable proof - one way or another.

Full of twists and numerous surprises, Sad Cypress will have you as puzzled as it does Poirot. And, like Poirot, you will be startled by the unexpected conclusion of this narrative. For what should have been a straightforward murder case, turns out to be anything but straightforward. Whether you are a fan of the mystery genre, or not, you will be delighted by Christie's deceptively simple plot, the richness of her characterizations, and the numerous surprises that she ambushes you as the story progress. I highly recommended this unabridged audio edition of Sad Cypress, both for its intriguing story line, and Suchet's masterful reading of a tale that reads as if it was written to be read aloud.

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