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The Sanctuary
By Raymond Khoury

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The Sanctuary

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The Sanctuary
Large Print Edition
By Raymond Khoury
Wheeler - Windsor - Paragon (2007)
ISBN 10: 1-59722-663-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-59722-663-9
Genre: Historical Fiction, Thriller

Reviewed by Herbert White - March 31, 2008

Raymond Khoury's The Sanctuary is written in the style of such books as The Da Vinci Code and has a similar plot. In this case, the kidnapping of Evelyn Bishop, an archaeologist, reopens a centuries old mystery and sparks the hunt for an ancient artifact that could lead to the Fountain of Youth. Lively and stimulating, Khoury's plotting and characterization offers a fresh take on this popular story line.

The Sanctuary begins in Naples in the year 1750 and then jumps to the Baghdad of 2003. As the story progresses, Khoury interweaves a story line that effortless jumps from 1750 to 2003 and the decades between as he tells the story of the mysterious artifact that has set off a modern day race against time to save Bishop. As well, her abduction sets off a dangerous race between the 'good' and 'bad' guys as they vie to get their hands on the artifact before their competitors. The good guys in this case are led by Mia, Bishop's daughter, and her CIA boyfriend, Jim Corben.

Full of neat conspiracies, ample evil villains - including a diabolic doctor who conducts gruesome experiments on human subjects, and heroes that you will be happy rooting for, The Sanctuary is an all-around good read. Khoury's writing is descriptive and exciting, the story was solidly plotted, is full of non-stop action, and the underlining story is plausible with only the minimal suspension of logic. In short, The Sanctuary is an intriguing and entertaining novel that will delight not only Khoury's fans, but also anyone who likes historically based conspiracy stories.

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