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The Testosterone Advantage Plan
By Lou Schuler

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The Testosterone Advantage Plan

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The Testosterone Advantage Plan
Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Boost Energy
A 9-Week Food-and-Fitness Breakthrough
By Lou Schuler with Jeff Volek, Michael Mejia, and Adam Campbell
A Fireside Book (Standard Print), 2002
ISBN: 0-7432-3791-9
Genre: Health

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - February 3, 2003

Ah you say, "This is just another weight loss, get fit quick book!" Well, your right, in so much as The Testosterone Advantage Plan is another weight loss book, that also offers advice on how to get fit in a rather short period. However, I do take umbrage at the use of the word "just." The Testosterone Advantage Plan, was written by Lou Schuler, Jeff Volek, Michael Mejia, and Adam Campbell. Schuler, Mejia and Campbell are editors at Men's Health magazine, while Volek is a Professor at the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Connecticut. This book presents a fantastic weight loss program designed specifically for men and their unique physical makeup. This program is combined with an even better workout regime that will have you not only fit, but energized, in only 9 weeks.

Unlike most weight loss programs, this book does not tell you what you cannot eat. Rather, it provides valuable nutritional information that explains how the body used the various types of food that you eat, such as proteins and carbohydrates. It also explains the importance of fat in the diet, and why you should not avoid eating fat. Most important, the authors explain what men have been designed, by their very nature, to eat, and why when we ignore our inbred dietary needs we are in fact, sabotaging our own efforts to be fit.

This book delves into the role that testosterone plays in a man's overall health, and how testosterone levels affect our mental, physical, and sexual well being. By learning about the important role that testosterone plays, you can learn to naturally improve your testosterone levels. In turn, this will help you to become, and stay fit, while also boosting your energy levels.

Granted, testosterone levels alone will not make you fit overnight. You also have to do your part, such as some exercising and eating foods that will boost your testosterone level. The exercises presented in this book are clearly explained and easy to follow. You will quickly see some very positive results! Various menus, and easy to prepare recipes are also included. This is a great and easy to follow program, which will make you rethink all that you have ever heard about what you should and should not eat. The book is also backed-up with loads of scientific data, if you want something more substantial then your own eyes to see how well this plan works.

The only drawback to this otherwise great book, is that is only available in standard print. Hopefully a large print edition will soon materialize!

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