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The Dark is Rising series
By Susan Cooper

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The following is a list of the books in the The Dark is Rising series, by Susan Cooper. Hyperlinks will take you to, where you can buy the book or learn more about it. All the books in this series are available in large print.

As well, all the books in this series have been reviewed on Large Print Reviews, and you can reach the reviews by clicking on the notation: (LPR Review), that follows the book's title.
The Dark is Rising
  1. Over Sea, Under Stone, Large Print Edition - (LPR Review)
    This is the first book in the five-part, Dark is Rising series. It introduces the reader to the Drew children, and it follows them as they go forth on a quest to find the Grail.

  2. The Dark is Rising, Large Print Edition - (LPR Review)
    In this, the second book in the Dark is Rising series, we meet Will Stanton who discovers, on his eleventh birthday, that he is one of the immortal Old Ones.

  3. Greenwitch, Large Print Edition - (LPR Review)
    Jane had little reason to ponder the consequences of wishing that the Greenwitch should find happiness. Yet in a world filled with wild magic, nothing can be taken for granted! Book three in the Dark is Rising series.

  4. The Grey King, Large Print Edition - (LPR Review)
    Will Stanton may be immortal, but that doesn't mean he can't get sick. In fact, as this, the fourth book in the Dark is Rising series opens, we find that Will has been so sick with hepatitis that he doesn't even remember that he is one of the Old Ones. Can Bran Davies, an albino with secrets of his own, help him recover his memory, and the Golden Harp?

  5. Silver on the Tree, Large Print Edition - (LPR Review)
    The climatic, final battle is about to take place between the forces of the Light and the Dark. But the Light is doomed to failure if Will Stanton and Bran Davies are unable to retrieve the Eirias, the crystal sword form the Lost Land. This is the fifth, and final book in the Rising of the Dark series.

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