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The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary

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The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary

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The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary
Large Print Edition
New Fourth Edition
Merriam-Webster, Inc., (2005)
ISBN: 0-87779-634-3
Genre: Dictionary, Game Reference

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - April 26, 2006

Please note: A newer, fifth edition of the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary is now available. You can read my updated review of the new edition by following this link.

Scrabble players rejoice! A new large print edition of the fabled Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary is available - and it is sensational! The print is large, dark, and the letters well spaced. The main entries are all printed in bold type that makes for easy scanning. In addition, each entry includes a brief definition of the word and variants of the word are printed in bold type within the definition. The text has received the NAVH (National Association for Visually Handicapped) seal of approval, and it has been endorsed by the National Scrabble Association.

In many regards a Scrabble dictionary is like any other dictionary - it lists words with their definitions. However, for players of the board game, Scrabble, this dictionary is an indispensable aid. For those not familiar with Scrabble, it is a 'crossword' type board game. Players take turns making words on the board by placing lettered tiles on the board. Players must build upon existing words, just like in a crossword. If you've never played before, be warned - this game is addictive!

The main rules surrounding this game concern what words can or cannot be used. For instance, you cannot use proper names, foreign words that are not in common use, and words that contain hyphens are not allowed. The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary acts as an unbiased referee when it comes to determining if a word played is acceptable or not. While there is nothing prohibiting you from using a standard dictionary to check your words, you will find that using the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary will provide you with a standard by which to check your word usage.

This new large print edition of The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary is based upon the standard print, fourth edition of The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary. Both the large print and standard print editions are organized like a traditional dictionary. Words are listed alphabetically, and most entries have a short, often no more than four words, definition, while no definition at all is offered for some self-explanatory words such as REDO and UNTAMED. Each main entry has its part-of-speech labeled, and the inflected forms of the word are shown. For instance, the text lists the plural forms for nouns and the comparative form of an adjective. When the inflected form of a word undergoes a spelling change, it is listed as a separate main entry. Also included are the British - Canadian spellings of common words such as centre, theatre, colour, and cheque.

In order to make this dictionary employable by all age groups, many of the offensive words found in some of the earlier editions of this dictionary have been excluded from this edition. A nice feature of this dictionary is the inclusion of a detailed introduction that delineates how the entries have been selected, organized, and defined and which offers tips on how to locate inflected forms of words. This new fourth edition of the The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary contains more than 100,000 2-8 letter words and it contains about 4,000 entries not found in the third edition. Best of all, at the end of the book you will find several indispensable lists, including a list of: I am an avid Scrabble player, so I'm a bit biased - but I love this large print edition. It is a nice heavy book (it has more than 1,000 pages) with a red cover that makes it easy to find when misplaced. The binding is sound and looks like it will withstand years of hard wear, and it lays almost flat when opened. This new edition is well organized, has nice bold type, and is an indispensable reference guide for all Scrabble players, both young and old. As an added bonus, it will also aid you when playing other word games and while doing traditional paper and pencil crossword puzzles.

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