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Everything but the Internet
By Richard Seltzer

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Everything but the Internet

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Everything but the Internet: Fiction, Articles, Plays
By Richard Seltzer
Seedy Press, (August 23, 2002)
B & R Samizdat Express
P. O. Box 161
West Roxbury, MA, 02132
ISBN: 0-931968-11-9
Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - January 16, 2003

This CD-Rom contains a collection of fiction, articles, poems, book reviews, and plays written by Richard Seltzer. It also includes several books translated into English by Seltzer. One of the owners of the publishing company B&R Samizdat Express and Seedy Press, Seltzer has written a number of plays and children's books. He has also written a plethora of articles and books on the Internet, including the book, Web Business Bootcamp. A short biography on Seltzer is included in this collection.

The works contained in this collection include: Seltzer is a prolific writer, who writes across a range of genres. His historical works are well research and very readable, his children's books are inventive and entertaining for readers of all ages, and his articles on conducting business on the Internet are invaluable. This collection contains a diverse body of material, and there is literally something for everyone to be found in the texts contained in this assemblage.

Several titles found on this CD have also been published in other collections issued by B&R Samizdat Express. There is, however, enough original material contained on this CD to make the purchase of the collection a worthwhile investment, even if you already have copies of some of these works.

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