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Seven Things That Steal Your Joy
By Joyce Meyer

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Seven Things That Steal Your Joy

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Seven Things That Steal Your Joy
Overcoming the Obstacles to Your Happiness
By Joyce Meyer
Read by Joyce Meyer
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2004)
An Unabridged Audio Recording on 5 CDs
ISBN: 1-58621-641-4
Genre: Christian Living

Reviewed by Angela Evans - April 15, 2004

Joyce Meyer is a well-known and well-respected teacher and inspirational speaker. In her new book, Seven Things That Steal Your Joy she outlines her theories on the obstacles that exist which prevent us from reaching the fullness of our happiness and potential. Many of these obstacles are self made, others are stumbling blocks that are placed before us by others. Using scriptural sources, she describes how to remove these obstacles and how to determine the correct path that God has ordained for each of us.

This audio edition of Seven Things That Steal Your Joy is read by Meyer, and the full strength of her preaching style comes through clearly. If you have ever seen or heard one of Meyer's televison ministry shows, you already know what a powerful and inspirational speaker she is. If this is your first introduction to Meyer and her teachings, you are in for a treat. Meyer brings the Word of God to you, and empowers you with the ability to use it to sustain you through the hard times and to fortify yourself for the tasks that God - and life in general - has set for you.

Listening to this book, and following the advice contained within, will gladden your heart and help you to live life to the fullest and teach you how to place your faith and your cares in God's hands. Once you are freed from the worry and stress that plague you, and once you begin to follow the path that God has set for you, you will find that you can devote more time to the really important things in life, such as your family.

Seven Things That Steal Your Joy is one of Meyer's best books. With wit and wisdom, Meyer shows you how to be a better and happier Christian, and how to avoid what she sees as the seven pitfalls that can prevent you from achieving the level of happiness you deserve. In addition to outlining what these pitfalls are, she clearly shows you how to overcome them, and how, in the process, to draw nearer to God.

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