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Moscow Rules
By Daniel Silva

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Moscow Rules

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Moscow Rules
By Daniel Silva
Thorndike Press, Large Print Edition (2008)
ISBN 10: 1-59722-703-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-59722-703-2
Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - August 11, 2008

Famed art restorer and oft-times Israeli spy, Gabriel Allon is back on the trail of a devious killer in Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva. In this, the eighth action-packed installment in the Allon series, the story moves from the twisted back allies of Europe to the glittering, oil rich streets of modern Moscow. Intrigue, thugs, and the resurgence of old evils greet Allon on his arrival and he once again finds himself fighting an enemy that has the power to disrupt the world order and unleash a cataclysm of unthinkable destruction.

At the heart of this story is the resurgence of the old Stalinist elite and the dictatorial leadership that has gained power in the new Russia and which threatens to reverse on the democratic advances that the country has made in recent years. Throw in a cadre of sociopath arms dealers who are as equally willing to sell to terrorists as to the average man on the street and you have the making for a hair-raising, thought-provoking novel that once again proves that Silva is a master of espionage thrillers.

Unlike most of Silva's early Allon books, which had their genesis in the past, this is definitely a book of the present. The political situation in modern day Russia is eerily similar to that portrayed in the book. In addition, within the pages of this book, Silva makes full use of the all too real threat posed by terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and Hezbollah getting their hands on high-tech, advanced weaponry.

Filled with a mix of art history and information on the Russia Mafia and various terrorist groups, you'll also find an ample sprinkling of murders, chase scenes, and international intrigue in Moscow Rules. In short, this novel will keep your interest from beginning to end as Allon tries to keep the world from imploding in this complicated tale of intrigue. Will he succeed? You'll have to read the book to see...

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