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Sister Wit
Devotions for Women
By Jacqueline Jakes

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Sister Wit: Devotions for Women

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Sister Wit: Devotions for Women
By Jacqueline Jakes
Read by Jacqueline Jakes
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2002)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 2 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-58621-277-X
Genre: Religion - Inspirational

Reviewed by Angela Evans - July 7, 2002

Jacqueline Yvonne Jakes is the sister of Bishop T. D. Jakes, who serves as the Senior Pastor of 'The Potter's House', a Multiracial, nondenominational church located in Dallas Texas. She is also a well-respected African-American author. And, like her brother, Sister Jakes is an inspirational speaker. In her book, Sister Wit she writes directly to, and for, women. In this book she provides advice and guidance that will serve to strengthen the faith and courage of every woman who reads, or listens to, her inspirational message. Being written for women, the message, and the devotions, in this book are slanted toward the special issues that are important to all women - namely family, love, and nurturing.

Sister Jakes has suffered through many trials during her life, including developing a brain tumor while barely out of her youth. Rather than weakening her, this near brush with death only served to strengthen her faith in God. It also girded her with the fortitude to face whatever roadblocks that were placed in her way with courage and dignity.

This message of courage and faith is abundantly clear in Sister Wit. Not only does she discuss her own spiritual growth in this book, but Sister Jakes also offers devotional guidance that will help to strengthen your own faith. Her guidance will help prepare you to face whatever life has in store for you - both good and evil.

This abridged audio edition of Sister Wit is read by Sister Jakes herself. And her brother, Bishop Jakes, reads the foreword to the book. Throughout, this book is spiced with scriptural readings, which are eloquently read by Melody Butiu.

Sister Wit is an excellent book, which I encourage everyone, male and female alike, to read. Sister Jakes inspirational message will help to feed your soul with the word of God. When you are at your lowest, this book will uplift you, reaffirming the fact that God is always there to lean on. It will also invigorate you, both in body and in soul and it will encourage you to share your faith and this message with others.

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