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The Art of Profitability
By Adrian Slywotzky
Read by Scott Mosenson and Jack Ong

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The Art of Profitability

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The Art of Profitability
By Adrian Slywotzky
Read by Scott Mosenson and Jack Ong
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2002)
An Unabridged Audio Recording on 4 Cassette
ISBN: 1-58621-470-5
Genre: Business - Motivational
Other editions: Standard Print (Paperback)

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Reviewed by Herbert White - October 31, 2002

The unabridged recording of Adrian Slywotzky's book The Art of Profitability is a must have by anyone who wants to know, "What do Barbie dolls, Nokia phones, and American Express credit cards have in common?" This is the question posed on the back cover of the cassette box, and if it doesn't catch you attention - well, then this tape is not for you. But if it catches your eye, as it did mine, you'll find that the book only gets better the deeper you get into it.

Step by step, Slywotzky offers the listener a wealth of lessons that help to explain how "profit happens" and how you can use the lessons learned to change your business model so as to increase the profitability of your own business.

The text is divided into twenty-three sections, and each lesson follows the 'adventures' of David Zhoa and his student as Zhoa teaches his pupil all about profit. Zhoa is an energetic and inspiring teacher, and the discourses that he has with his student (you) will enable you to enhance your profit making strategies. Interspersed with the 'teachings' are a host of stories detailing 'real-life' profit models used in a variety of businesses.

At its core, The Art of Profitability is a 'profit' self-help manual. Each lesson comes with 'homework' and you will get the most out of this 'course' if you take the time to work through the book slowly, as the author advises. By doing so you will be better able to internalize the lessons and to incorporate the lessons learned into your business plan. Following the course as outlined, it should take you about ninety days to work through the six hour audio recording of the book.

This unabridged audio edition of The Art of Profitability is read by Scott Mosenson and Jack Ong, and it includes an introduction ready by the books author.

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