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The Write-Brain Workbook
By Bonnie Neubauer

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The Write-Brain Workbook

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The Write-Brain Workbook
366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing
By Bonnie Neubauer
Writer's Digest Books, (2006)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN: 1582973555
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Herbert White - December 5, 2005

The Write-Brain Workbook is a collection of 366 exercises designed to jumpstart your brain and free your writing spirit. Written by Bonnie Neubauer, the innovative exercises in this book will not only get you writing, but they will also inspire you to keep writing.

Each page in this book is devoted to a single exercise, and each page is illustrated with eclectic and colorful images. Blank space is also incorporated into each page so that you can do the exercises in the book itself, if so desired. Each exercise presents a unique writing challenge. For example, some of the exercises give you an opening or closing sentence that you must use as the jumping off point for your story. Other exercises included fill-in-the blank drills, 'odd words' to incorporate into your story, as well as looking at a photo and telling the story you see in the picture, type challenges. Each exercise also includes a tip on 'the next step' that you can take in writing, after completing the current exercise.

The Write-Brain Workbook is a fun book to work through. You can work one a day, or do a series at a time. I found them particularly ideal to work on while waiting for a plane, or while riding the bus. The workbook is flexible in that it is up to you how much time you want to spend working on each exercise. You can simply write brief answers or stories for the exercises, or write full-blown stories bases upon the 'openers' given in the exercises.

Most important, the exercises are not droll or trite. The exercises are varied, stimulating, mind expanding. They are perfect for both new and seasoned writers, and they will help you to overcome writers' block and blank-page-phobia while also helping you to keep writing every day and to experiment with your writing style and voice.

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