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Bulletproof Book Proposals
By Pam Brodowsky and Eric Neuhaus

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Bulletproof Book Proposals

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Bulletproof Book Proposals
A ten-step plan for writing a nonfiction book proposal
By Pam Brodowsky and Eric Neuhaus
Writer's Digest Books, (2006)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN: 1582973679
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - December 4, 2006

Writing a book is easy, getting it published is another story entirely. Ok, writing a book may not be all that easy, but it can seem like a walk in the park when compared to actually getting it published, but don't give up all hope. Pam Brodowsky and Eric Neuhaus may have just the solution that you need in their new book, Bulletproof Book Proposals.

In this exciting book geared toward nonfiction writers, Brodowsky and Neuhaus offer real-life, practical advice on writing book proposals that will get your nonfiction book accepted. This text includes 12 'real' proposals that were accepted for publication. In addition, each proposal is accompanied by insightful comments from either the agent or editor that accepted the proposal, and the proposal's author. These comments will help you to identify what made each proposal work, and how to incorporate the information you garnered, into your own book proposal.

These book proposal exemplars are worth the price of the book alone. However, within the pages of Bulletproof Book Proposals, the authors also present an easy to follow ten-step plan that teaches you how to write an effective book proposal. In the process of helping you write your book proposal, this ten-step program also includes other invaluable tips on topics such as writing the requisite sample chapters, formatting your proposal, and packaging your entire book proposal.

Overall, I found the information in this book to be practical and authoritative. The ten-step plan for writing a book proposal was easy, and the exercises that accompany the plan were helpful both in terms of actually writing the plan as well as in helping me fully develop my idea for the book. Nonetheless, it was the 'real-life' book proposals that I found most useful. They not only gave me a visual understanding of what the proposal should look like, but they also serve as an excellent guide from which to model your own book proposal.

If you have written, or are thinking of writing a nonfiction book, be sure to read Bulletproof Book Proposals. The information contained in this book will save your countless hours of trial-and-error, and increase your odds of getting your book proposal accepted.

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