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The New Comedy Writing Step by Step
By Gene Perret

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The New Comedy Writing Step by Step

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The New Comedy Writing Step by Step
Revised and Updated
By Gene Perret
Quill Driver Books, (2007)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN: 1884956661
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - August 14, 2007

So you want to be a comedy writer? What kind? A sketch artist, a witty columnist, or a gag writer? Do you want to write sitcoms or novels? Or do you merely want to learn a few comic writing techniques to add a dash of humor into a more serious work or speech? No matter why you are interested in learning comedy writing, or the type of comedy writing you are interested in, you will find a wealth of information in Gene Perret's classic book, The New Comedy Writing Step by Step.

Long a standard in the realm of comedy writing, this new edition of The New Comedy Writing Step by Step has been fully updated and revised in celebration of the book's 25th anniversary! Within the pages of this guidebook Perret explains the fundamentals and business aspects of comedy writing. In addition, the book is infused with advice given by legendary comedians, Carol Burnett (who also contributed the book's forward) and Bob Hope, and by professional comedy writers. You'll also find numerous examples that show you how to take an idea and develop it into a solid joke or line. In addition, Perret has also included an assortment of educational and fun to complete exercises that serve as a mini-workshop on comedy writing.

I don't think that anyone, except Gene Perret, could have written this book! Perret has years of comedy writing experience, having started out as a gag writer before moving onto sketches, monologues, sitcoms, and more. Along the way he has written for such illustrious comedians as Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Carol Burnett, Bill Cosby, and many more. He has also had an active career teaching and mentoring up-and-coming comedy writers.

If you can only get one book on comedy writing, get Perret's The New Comedy Writing Step by Step. Even if you can afford to purchase a whole truckload of books on comedy writing - save your money. All you need to get you started writing comedy is The New Comedy Writing Step by Step! This book is perfect for those just starting out in the realm of comedy writing, as well as old-pro's looking for tips on writing new material or who are interested in branching out into new areas in the field. Easy to use, fun to read, and educational, you can't miss with The New Comedy Writing Step by Step. As well as highly recommending this book to anyone interested in comedy writing. I also recommend that all writers read this book. Perret offers sage advice on word usage, marketing, and how to strengthen your writing - advice that applies to any genre. As important, you never know when an opportunity will appear that requires some skill at comedy writing - so be prepared - and don't let a potential writing gig slip through your hands!

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