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Writing: Self & Reflexivity
By Celia Hunt and Fiona Sampson

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Writing: Self & Reflexivity

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Writing: Self & Reflexivity
By Celia Hunt and Fiona Sampson
Palgrave MacMillan, (2006)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN: 1403918775
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - March 17, 2006

Writing: Self & Reflexivity is an empowering book for creative writing students by Celia Hunt and Fiona Sampson. This edifying book delves into the creative writing process and how the writers infuse their work with their own personality, beliefs, and sentiments. Written for use as a college-level creative writing textbook, this book examines both the critical and creative aspects of writing, and it provides a number of exercises that will help you to understand the material in the book and which will help to release your inner creative self.

This book will not only help to improve your creative writing skills, but it also provides both a practical and academic overview of the creative process. In addition, the writing exercises found at the end of each chapter are instructive and fun to complete. Most important, this book will not only help you to add more of yourself to your writing, but it will also give you skills necessary to step back and look at your work from an unbiased and impersonal viewpoint. Combined this will not only strengthen your writing, but it will also enable you to take an honest look at your own work.

There are ten chapters in Writing: Self & Reflexivity, comprising: This text also includes expansive endnotes and a list of references that can be used as a guide for further study.

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